Everything Has Changed

Everything Has Changed

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"If you asked me three months ago what heartbreak was, I would tell you it's losing somebody close to you due to unspeakable circumstances.
But right now, in this moment, I would say it's you.
I would say it's the feeling I got in my chest when I realized I was out of time.
When I stood in the rain and yelled for you to stay, but all I saw was your back.
I would say heartbreak is lying in bed at two in the morning, watching my ceiling fan go around and around, wondering why you couldn't stop to listen.
Two seconds. All I needed was two seconds to say the words.
All I needed was to seconds for me to tell you I was in love with you. With everything about you. With the way you move, and the feeling of your arms around me. With the feeling of your chest vibrating as you laugh.
Heartbreak is falling in love with everything about you, but having the words permanently stuck in my throat."


Gracelyn Levinsky grew up with Daniel Grey. She has always looked to him as a brother, but when she escapes from her abusive Mom and moves to the same town Danny moved to when he was ten, she finds out that he's in love with her. After countless attempts to get her to feel the same, Danny gives up.
But when Grace realizes just how much she does love Danny, words can't help her because he shut her out of his life completely.
How do you tell somebody who you can't talk to that you're in love with them?
Simple. You force them to listen.


AN: please don't steal this story. I'm working/have worked really hard to create this and develop the characters and story line. This is solely made up out of my mind.

The cover was made by @nerdfpiper and I highly recommend her!

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