Escaping Is Never Easy (BoyxMan)

Escaping Is Never Easy (BoyxMan)

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Category: Romance
Escaping your abusive boyfriend isn't easy, especially in Zachary's case. Zachary is an only child, born and raised in Nebraska, his life was perfect. Loving parents who were rich beyond belief, he never had worked a day in his life. He was handsome, popular, and was good at everything, but nothing could have prepared him for what happened next.

Having confessed to his parents that he was gay, and them accepting him with open arms, Zachary was content. One day he met a boy named Tristan who went to the same high school as him; they fell in love and started dating. You would say by now that Zachary's life was perfect, that is until the day he was kidnapped. That once loving and caring boy was now an abusive, possessive one.

Scared, and helpless Zachary is forced to stay locked up in a two bedroom house surrounded by abandoned houses and in a place that is unfamiliar to him. He could be anywhere in the world, too bad he doesn't know where.

Now forced into a relationship that he is desperate to escape, Zachary must find a way to run away, but how? It's been months without any hope of that dream, constant sexual abuse, lack of food and sleep, has turned him weak. There is little hope for him.

But what happens when he finally escapes his boyfriends clutches and runs away? And what happens when he ends up running into a love life that, this time, he won't be able to run away from.

But then again, who said he wanted to escape...

Romance #457

Copyright © 2013 Jena Becerra
All rights reserved

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