Eres Academy :School of The Royal and The Rich

Eres Academy :School of The Royal and The Rich

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~Eres Academy~

Paige Bennet is a commoner. Wealth isn't in her vocabulary, nor is designer bags or large land estates, But what she does have is the brains. And that is what got her hands on the scholarship to the world's most prestigious school for the royal and the rich. Eres Academy.

In a split second she was swept into a world far different from her own, a world filled with sports cars, designer dresses, cranky rich kids, and spoiled royals. But lucky for her, she knew she was smart, and she knew that a bunch of wealthy teenagers wouldn't scare her. That was before she knew that among those wealthy rich kids, there was a monster. The bully.

And nothing, not even a single page on every text book she read could prepare her for that.

Blake Carlisle isn't someone to be played with. He's an heir, he is rich, he is handsome, he's captain of the football team, Oh and one more thing, he is a bully. Life experiences are said to change us. Well it certainly did change him. For the worst.

All his life, he's been on the top of the school's food chain. Commoners were his target, they all feared him and end up running for their lives out the school gates. This school year, he's planning to do the same. But things changes when the commoner isn't like the others. She was a fighter.

And Blake wasn't gonna allow anyone to take power over him. She wanted hell, so that was what he's going to give her.

But what happens when a strong world war like rivalry turns into attraction?
When the target lowers her guard and the bully's heart go soft?

One thing I know is that.

We'll all be damned.


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#1 Monarchy

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