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Category: Romance
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Sometimes love gets a bit twisted.

Avery Montgomery doesn't even know if she wants a soul mate.

As a member of the Hellenicus-a race founded in antiquity and descended directly from the Greek gods-Avery's attending her first Gathering where she'll gain the ability to entwine her thoughts with her destined soul mate and be tied to them forever.

But all is not as it seems at the Royal Court. There are severe and strange looks from the elders, whisperings from the ancient Dodona tree, and encounters with spirits who seem to know Avery better than she knows herself.

Throughout these whirlwind events at Court, Avery finds herself torn between her feelings for the wise and protective Vladimir and the passionate, fun-loving Adrian. Unwilling to surrender her independence or to betray her heart, Avery must decide once and for all if she'll give in to her desires and risk the wrath of the Gods.

Because who are you if your destiny lies with another person?

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