✅ End of the Rainbow

✅ End of the Rainbow

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Category: Fantasy
Sometimes love lasts forever. If people are determined enough, and have one hand on the pulse of destiny that permeates the universe, it might be possible to guarantee that some day you will meet again. It doesn't matter how many centuries pass, if there is a guarantee built into the fabric of time itself. To ensure that the Princess and her lover will someday be reincarnated to meet again.

Of course, destiny doesn't care about the small details. It doesn't care if one of the fated couple is a world-weary cynic with no interest in romance, or if his prophesied lover is too young to even know what love means. The finger of fate will throw these two together, and will not rest until the story plays out like it should. Which means that if Amber doesn't want to meet her destined lover, she's got to fight against all the power of destiny itself.

A contemporary fantasy about predestination, expectation, magic knights, aliens, time, love, and a child's imagination.

I would really like if anyone could tell me how old you think Amber is based on the things she says.

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He stared at me for a minute longer, tilting his head to the side as he watched me. For the first time I wanted him to kiss me, I wanted him to lean in and press his lips against mine, to touch me and completely devour me right here, on this damn desk. I know he was aware I was thinking this - the way he was looking at me with his eyes tracing down at me, he was an excellent legilimens. Love and hate are both rooted in passion, so what's the difference?
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