Elegant And Grace (✔️)

Elegant And Grace (✔️)

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Category: Teen Fiction
Ellison Taylor, a clumsy, enthusiastic- book lover, is a seventeen years old girl, who seemed to be struggling with the world's definition of elegant and grace. With almost, half the population in her school- wanting to be graceful and elegant. She seemed to be the only one who seemed to wonder what the true meaning behind those term.

Ian Collins, the narcissistic bad boy of the school, who is not only rich, but also have the background of being elegant and graceful. With elegant girls chasing around him, Ellison seemed to have got his attention with her peculiar ways in which she carries herself and that's when the game started and when you put your heart to the game, that's when you see the world differently.

She wanted to be what the world wanted her to be, but he soon realizes how beautiful she is they way she is.When a game that started out as a joke turns into real feelings and when two opinions and two worlds come together. Will their world falls apart or will they make it through?

Author's Note: This book is a fiction and please note, If you are offended by this book. The author would like to apologize, please read it at your own risk. Add this book to your library or reading list. This book has copyrights, please do not plagiarize. Thank you for your support.

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