The One Who Got Away is Back

The One Who Got Away is Back

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Formerly known as Edge of Romance / Three times is the charm, they say. But Addy needs more like a miracle if she's to have any hope with Miguel.


The only love Addy has ever known is for fashion. Her rich parents were too busy fighting each other to give her any. When they finally decide to divorce, it's Addy who ends up paying the price.

All Miguel has ever known is love: for his lost mother, his unruly sister and his workaholic, millionaire father. Yet, he feels like he hasn't done enough to earn any of it.

Sparks fly as the two former high school acquaintances meet again in college, but the reunion leads to heartbreak. When they meet again years later, and Miguel is the new owner of the company Addy works for, will the old feelings be enough to tip them over the edge of romance or will life get in the way again?

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The Agnihotri family.A very rich and influential family in the city. Jaiveer Agnihotri, the head of the family, is a very respected man in the social. He is a very successful businessman and politician. He is a man of self-respect.After being rich he is a very down-to-earth person.But his ego and self-respect hurt when his only son, Arjun Agnihotri, suddenly comes with a girl claiming her his bride.In his rage, he threw him and his new bride out of their life and house. He was always a very loving father to his children. He has a soft and loving side for his family only.Arjun and Ashika love each but they never planned to get married without his family's consent. But the situation made them take this big step to save Ashika. But Arjun's this step messed up everything in his life.This is a beautiful tale of family reunion.

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