Echoes of History: Poems from the Past

Echoes of History: Poems from the Past

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[Grand Runner's-up at Versification-2023] "Echoes of History" explores the impact of history on individuals and societies, capturing the many emotions and experiences that make up the human experience. From legendary moments to disease and isolation, this book is an eloquent tribute to our timeless desire to understand the world around us.


"Echoes of History, a book to be told,
A journey through time, both new and old.
From ancient days to present strife,
These words reflect the story of life.

Penalties paid, and tranquil seas,
Mellow tones and kaput memories.
Sophisticated ways and robust might,
Harmonious tunes, and legendary might.

Constructed civilizations, banished foes,
Frustration, seized with precise blows.
Analyses made, provocations sought,
Obligations met, and diseases fought.

Forbidden lands and diverse tongues,
Visions of grandeur, overwhelmed lungs.
Societal shifts and historical quests,
Infectious plagues and ambitious tests.

Eruptions fierce and pawns to move,
Sailors brave and veils to soothe.
Memories held, and carcasses laid,
Eloquence of speech and echoes in the shade.

Adversities faced with petrichor in the air,
Infallible hearts and ferocity rare.
Alacrity in action and sublime grace,
Intertwining passions and raging race.

Ethereal bliss and euphoric heights,
Dreams to chase and discombobulate fights.
Mystic tales and lost tales to tell,
Silent moments and luminous spell.

Courageous feats and escapes sought,
Angst and clandestine fears brought.
Isolation felt, and ephemeral hues,
Hollow hearts with nothing to lose.

Echoes of History, a tale to unfold,
With these words, its story to be told."


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