Dwellings On The Past ~ (Lorraine's daughter)

Dwellings On The Past ~ (Lorraine's daughter)

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Category: Horror
Linda has always been inspired by her mother, Lorraine Warren. Mostly she's interested in her work and her gift, secretly wondering if she has the same. She's always had assumptions, but one night she's sure. And so is her mother who Linda has been hiding most of her secrets from.
But it isn't as easy as it seems. The things Lorraine and Linda see aren't easy to decrypt and they could turn out to be very dangerous. So what happens when they come in contact with something both of them haven't seen in a while...


- Lorraine and Ed's daughter (Linda)
- Disclaimer: I do not own some of the characters!
(start date: 08/08/23
- end date: 09/03/23)

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