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Category: Adventure
Jake's Prov:

Honestly I just wanted to make her jealous so I asked Jessica to dance. Now I'm dancing with Jessica. I received a message and it was Dan.

Dan: How dare you!!
Jake: What did I do?
Dan: Don't act in front of me.
Jake: Or else what you gonna do?
Dan: Wait and watch.

With that he stopped texting me.

I was still dancing with Jessica, suddenly I noticed that phil is coming towards MC. What? Why?

Phil: May I dance with you.
MC: Phil! You scared me. Don't you have work?
Phil: I can manage.
MC: It's ok you don't have to manage your work for me.

They are talking something I can't listen from here. Wait why is he lenning towards her?

Phil: You know na I know about your little secret.

MC is staring at him, again why? Phil handed his hand forword, MC looked at him few seconds then took it.

Took it!??

Hello Guys,

(The story is not real, it's based on a game called duskwood. All the characters were taken from that game)

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