(DROPPED) I Trick Even the Lames to Stand Up for Me

(DROPPED) I Trick Even the Lames to Stand Up for Me

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Category: Paranormal
Original title: 瘸子都被我忽悠的站起来了
Author: 黑猫睨睨
Source: http://www.jjwxc.net/onebook.php?novelid=3160203
Begins from chapter 19
Please Read Disclaimer Before Reading

Gu Ye, the third young master of the Gu family, is dull by nature and stammers. He can't even remember the answer after he asks a question ten times. His father was so angry that he sent him back to his hometown in the countryside during the Chinese New Year. He didn't expect that he would become a different person after coming back. Half a year later, he was admitted to the Imperial City No. 1 University, ranking first in his whole school!

The entire wealthy circle was shocked!

After receiving the admission letter, the Gu family searched for Gu Ye for three days and finally found him under an inconspicuous overpass. While selling and painting, he shouted: "Ghost exorcism charms, Guanyin town security charms, Zhaizhai town evil charms, demon slaying charm charms... The charms are on sale! As long as they are destined people, one piece is eighty-eight! Don't miss it!"

Looking down at his feet, he said with a smile, "I made a special amulet for reforming evil and returning to righteousness; I think you each need three."

One sentence introduction: I figure out the bad guy.

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