Dressed in White Moonlight, Her Ex-Wife [GL] [MTL]

Dressed in White Moonlight, Her Ex-Wife [GL] [MTL]

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Category: Romance
Dressed in White Moonlight, Her Ex-Wife [GL] [MTL]

Wen Su wore a dog-blooded lily novel and became the wife of the heroine Bai Yueguang who was about to divorce.

As the heroine of Bai Yueguang, Chu Jingshu has a beautiful face, is mature, stable, noble and elegant, and manages a listed company, a real national goddess.

And Wen Su, arrogant vase star who is black all over the Internet.

Seeing the charming Chu Jingshu with thin waist and long legs, Wen Su touched her little heart and swore, "I will definitely hold on to myself, and I will never disturb the heroine to pursue her!"

Then she broke her promise..

Chu Jingshu: Aren't we still divorced?

Wen Su: Don't leave, don't leave, the heroine, go away, don't touch my wife!


Protagonist: Wen Su | Chu Jingshu


RAW: http://www.jjwxc.net/onebook.php?novelid=4093635


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