Dressed as Mary Baby Female Match

Dressed as Mary Baby Female Match

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Category: Romance

Author: Milk tea and juice

Type: Through rebirth

Status: Finished

Last update: 2022.09.10

Latest Chapter: Chapter 124

Brief introduction of the works:

An Jiu wore a book and dressed as a cannon fodder female partner, the ex-girlfriend of the male protagonist.
And the heroine of this book is definitely a good heroine, the career has been prosperous, and there are several big guys to escort her.
The male protagonist of the rich man regards her as a jewel; Domineering president male partner, love her; Powerful Anti-Celestial Shadow Emperor Male Pairing; Admire and obsess over her; Lead the second generation of fans countless love bean male matching, for her spirit poured down.
But one day, the three big guys all got a strange disease, and every night they would have a headache and couldn't sleep at all.
Later, they found that as long as they stayed with Anjiu, the symptoms would be alleviated.
As the antidote to the big guys, An Jiu dutifully fulfilled his duties, never crossed the pool half a step, and waited for them to collect the nobility on them and save his brother.
It's just that they are becoming more and more obvious in their desires?!
The three big guy male partners who used her as an antidote are also counted, and what is the male protagonist who began to actively pour in?!

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