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Category: Adventure
This story about they went a place called 'Underverse' But 1st a little bit long part before the adventure started
Then in the end of there adventure of the UNDERVERSE....the five of them are still there and later and later each one of them always turn to not
Dreamswap acting...

Major Characters:
-Bad guys-
----still part of bad guy but not that really---


-the main Bad guy-

(Guys before you read thus book i missed spell 'Scared'
As 'sacred' So mind it its Scared besides theres no word that is sacred its scared! And yeah thats all enjoy reading!)

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This is being rewritten! Check out "Sleepless Days" for the rework!This is a story of Undertale, but of the multiverse of DreamSwap.Things that will be in this:Swearing.Drama.Action.Romance.Possible Gore.Lots of words.Less words.Time.An unbalanced schedule.Other things.This is already a year old- -
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Met·a·noi·a/ˌMedəˈnoiə/「noun」To change in one's way of life resulting from penitence or spiritual conversion.•✦•Disclaimer: This story contains: Cursing, descriptions of abuse and trauma. Don't read this if any of this is upsetting. Take care of yourself first, you matter.The Fgod multiverse belongs to Harish6Dreamswap belongs to OnebizzarekaiThe cover belongs to meThanks to @SecretsofEntropy for helping me
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I'm too lazy to type -____-
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