Dragon's Academy

Dragon's Academy

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Category: Fantasy
Dragons are born in twins set, one dominant while the other is submissive.
One can't survive without the other, the dominants are sent to military schools, they'll spend most of their life-controlling their Dragon side.
While the other half goes to Dragon Academy, they'll learn how to cope with being submissive, they are categorized into littles, pets, or simply submissives.
The older dominant would meet them there, teach them how to shift, protect them from all dangers, and finally claim them as theirs forever.

Kaiden is a special case, a little who never regressed before, she also never cried, until crossing roads with Adrian, a fiery red dragon.
Thank you @TayTay_1996 for the cover!!!

This story is DDLG, CGL, Fluff.
Apologies for any misspelling or grammar mistakes.

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