Down For You (Under Construction)

Down For You (Under Construction)

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Isis, a beautiful brown skin girl, isn't like other girls in her neighborhood. Most girls would just wanna fight and have sex with any dude they spot but she had morals. Turning 22 and being one of the best volleyball players in her school and is also a straight A student I'd say she's pretty well respected on campus.

Cameron, who goes by the name of Cam, is a handsome guy in the neighborhood. All the girls flock over him because he's tall, has tattoos, and of course because he has money. But that's not what he wants. At the age of only 17, he had his own drug business and when he turned 20, he opened up his own barbershop. Turning 23 he wants to be able to come home and see his women cooking for him and love him on the regular.

Cam might be a bad boy and Isis be a good girl but maybe these two might need one another in their lives. You know what they say, opposites attract.

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