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Category: Science Fiction
✨️WATTYS 2023 SHORTLIST + AMBYS Top Pick, Science Fiction! ✨️ | Gio, a man jailed for a crime he didn't commit, becomes an augmented human in exchange for his freedom, only to question his sacrifice when he becomes thirsty for revenge.


The plan was simple:

Go in through the front doors, demand the money from each of the drawers, and escape with the getaway car before the cops arrived.

That plan crumbled in less than five minutes.

Giovanni only took part in the robbery to pay for his daughter's kidney transplant. But after he was arrested, then sentenced to life, he lost it all.

He wouldn't see his daughter grow, start school, or fall in love. He'd miss every step of her life while wasting away in prison with what was left of his.

So, when Paxton, a blossoming cybernetic company, approached his cell with a proposition, Giovanni didn't say no. In exchange for becoming their experiment, he'd get to see the sunlight outside prison walls. He'd get to see his daughter's smiling face.

And he'd get to find his "friends" who ran away with his freedom.

⭐️First Place - Mystery/Thriller - Punk Rock Awards 2023

⭐ Editor's Pick September 2022
⭐ Editor's Pick August 2023
⭐ Featured: @Wattpad's Unlock Science Fiction
⭐ Featured: @adultfiction "Kills and Thrills"
⭐️ Featured #FreeThePOC
⭐️ Featured on @mystery - Mystery/Thriller
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A Scifi-thriller ◇

** Content Warning -- this story does contain swearing and violence **

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Poems I've written which reflect the feeling and emotions of mental illness. For those trying to understand or just wanting something to read. Mental illness is hard to explain but I've managed to put it into words...(Some of the poems I may have already published singularly but some I haven't so anyway... hope you enjoy :)#FreeMentalIllnessRanking:#63 - poetry collection#20 - imperfection
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Farmer's Little Lucky Girl: Fleeing Famine with SpaceAuthor: Yu RuojiechenCategory: Science FictionStatus: SerializingUpdate: 2022-12-30 ongoingCola Novel Networkm.xklxsw.comFarmer's Little Lucky Girl: Fleeing Famine with SpaceAuthor: Yu RuojiechenCategory: Science FictionStatus: SerializingUpdate: 2022-12-30Latest: 681 really pay fullFu Manman never dreamed that she would be able to be reborn after death, but the rebirth of others was like cheating, but her rebirth started from fleeing famine, and she also came with a long list of pendants... Looking at the baby crying for food Fu Manman is under a lot of pressure...surviving in troubled times, her sallow and emaciated younger brothers, her younger sister who was betrayed desperately... Surviving in troubled times is extremely difficult, but God gave her a chance to be reborn, so she has to work hard! With natural supernatural power and super space, she turned from the elder sister who was hated by her younger siblings to the favorite of the whole family, led her younger siblings to create a paradise, guarded a pure land in troubled times, and fought for peace for the people of the world...

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In which Sasuke and Sakura love each other through all different AUs that come to my mind at random times of the year.Sometimes when I'm dreaming. Kinda scary if I'm being honest.I do not own Naruto!

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[BL] Life As A Teacher In An Otome Game

Yukie Aisawa is a one-in-a-lifetime prodigy. Blessed with intelligence and looks. He was left by his parent at the age of 9, leaving him to go to an orphanage.He died by drowning in a lake on his way home.He woken up in an unfamiliar room and had become a baby. After reaching the age of 7, he realized that the world he lives in was an otome game.He was reincarnated as one of an unnamed mob character since the world had nothing on him.He pursuits his dream to become a teacher in this world!But what is this?MC: "Can you put me down.."ML: "Nope."MC: "...Please.."ML: "If you kissed me."MC: "..!?" *Blush*ML: 'Cute'《!!!WARNING!!!》This is amateur work.So please don't expect too much, such I'm just an amateur writer who creates things from their own stupid imagination.This story will may have grammar mistakes.__________________I also made this for fun.• Random update• All pictures used in this story do not belong to me. They belong to their Rightful and respectful owners.Publish = Saturday, 15 May 2021Complete = --------,-- -------- ----

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This book is a sequel to my first book. I hope you like it!P.S. None of the gifs, pictures, names, etc, are own by me and belong to their respectful owner.

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