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Spencer Reid x OC

The case of Nicolette Cypher was the first case to ever touch the heart of Aaron Hotchner.

For the first two years of his life in the FBI, Aaron always kept those involved in the cases at arms reach, never getting to close, and telling himself he wasn't effected by their outcome. It kept him sane, it made him a great agent.

Over the years life got in the way of him keeping up with the child he helped rescue.

Imagine his surprise when that familiar face becomes a new transfer to his team at the BAU.

No set season.
I do not do trigger warnings.
This book has triggering content- as does the show. If you cannot watch the show, I suggest not reading this book.
If you see my OC being used anywhere else, please contact me right away.
I do not own the Criminal Minds Cast.

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erenxreader read and find out.Photo creds to @narutoss.ramen on tiktok thanks for this bae

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