Doomsday Wonderland Vol. 12: New Game Launch

Doomsday Wonderland Vol. 12: New Game Launch

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Category: Science Fiction
Lin Sanjiu arrives with her gang to the next apocalyptic world. This time, they'll get through it together... Right?

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You know how in every story, the girl gets rejected and tries to make her Alpha mate all jealous with another dude and in the end her and her Alpha mate end up together all Happily. Ever. And After?. Well of coarse, being the different person I am, I'm the girl who just had to fall for the wrong person.***** Avalon was never the girl to get revenge on others. She always believed that revenge was for the angry and manipulative people and wanted nothing to do with it. That is until she is rejected by her mate, Alpha Lyndon Young. After being rejected, Avalon and her wolf both are left with a broken heart. So she does the one thing logical, Avalon Gets Revenge......just not on purpose. So get ready, sit back, and relax because this is going to be a story full of heart stopping moments, weird reactions, and total recalls. (PG-13) _Inspire
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Sidney Quinlan is the 35-year-old father of two, the loving husband of a stay at home mom named Janet. He works as a dentist at his own office and has his own parking spot. He doesn't live an exciting life. Or at least he didn't. Not until he meets 24-year-old law student Scott, with his young mind ready to learn and ready to take on any adventure. Sidney finds himself trapped in the mind of the younger man and can't seem to find his way back to clear thinking. Or were his thoughts ever really clear to begin with?

Li Sinian has been arguing with his younger brother all his life, the family property, the attention of his parents, and... the person he loves but does not love him and fights.In the end, he realised that the clown can only be himself because his younger brother does nothing.He got everything he wanted, and no matter what he did, he did not end well until the day he died.He didn't know that the world he lived in was a heartthrob novel, his brother was the protagonist heartthrob, and he was the male partner who set off the protagonist and smiled bitterly: no wonder... Li Sinian died, but opened his eyes the next second he lost consciousness. He was reborn. He was born again in the year he just graduated from college.In the first year, when no tragedy happened, Li Sinian decisively decided to stay away from his family.It would be better not to have anything to do with the Li family in this life.They talked in the study, Father Li threw the documents on the ground angrily, pointed at Li Sinian and said, "You irresponsible child! Get out! From today you will live in an old house in the countryside. You are not allowed to come back!" Li Sinian nodded like a child,and there was excitement in his eyes, "Yes Dad!"Dad Li who thought Li Sinian would quibble with dissatisfaction:"??"He saw Li Sinian go from the house. The luggage pulled in, "Everything is packed, I will go to the airport to book a ticket now!"Dad Li: "???"Li Sinian left Li's house and walked away.After three years......The assistant said to Dad Li: "president Li, the young master has lived in the countryside for three years." "Did he know that he was wrong?"Assistant: "The young master has more than 10,000 restaurants in the country, and the value is actually higher than that of our Li family!" Dad Li :??T/N: THIS IS GOOGLE TRANSLATE. I EDITED IT ACCORDING TO MY UNDERSTANDING. CORRECTIONS ARE WELCOME. I DON'T SPEAK CHINESE.
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BOOK 1 OF THE GIFT CHRONICLES••• When the Moon Goddess created the first werewolves, she split one soul between the two of them, thus creating a perfect soulmate for every werewolf thereafter, known as their mate. Upon the birth of a werewolf, she assigns them with a supernatural ability, known as their Gift•••Ares is a killer. During the day, she is busy fulfilling her duties as the Gamma of her pack. However, before anyone wakes, she sneaks out to unclaimed territory and assassinates rogues to avenge her parents' murder. The Moon Goddess made the mistake of granting her the ability to materialize weapons at will, and Ares fully intended to use her powers as much as she could to deal out vigilante justice. Cain, the cruel Alpha of the Blood Lake Pack, has given up on finding his mate. At 28 years old, it seems unlikely that he will ever find her. All hope is lost until he meets the shockingly violent Gamma from a neighboring pack. His only problem is, she won't go with him easily. Highest Ranks: #1 in Love• 8/7/19#1 in TeenFiction• 8/30/19#1 in Luna• 9/2/19#1 in Rogue•8/9/19#6 in Werewolf•8/12/19 #7 in Alpha•8/12/19#3 in Mate•9/2/19#1 in Supernatural•8/20/19#1 in Assassin•8/30/19

*currently editing*Two boys. Two different schools. One game. One goal.Life was easy when you were considered high school royalty but when you get rivalry on the field, things get a little interesting.Connor Taylor went to Northshore. Dakota Anderson went to Ridgemount. Both were extremely competitive at everything and went head to head on the soccer field.But nothing is ever as it seems behind closed doors...© 2017 clarecassidy✔️COMPLETED: 8/1/19Full version on Tapas & Inkitt
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Love is important in life, but sometimes, for some people, it becomes an obsession. Sometimes, the things that seem simple to us turn out to be a mystery. The same is true for Aarohi; her sister, Akshara, is obsessed with Abhimanyu. However, the unfolding mystery shocked Aarohi. Stay tuned to find out more about it.It's a story only, I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

Hello! အားလုံးပဲ ချယ်ရီက Wattpad ကိုသုံးတာကြာပါပြီဒါပေမဲ့ချယ်ရီအခုလိုလုံးဝမရေးဖူးပါဘူးရှင့် ဒီနေ့တော့ချယ်ရီကချယ်ရီထန်တတ်တဲ့အကြောင်းလေးကိုလာပြောပြတာပေါ့နော်🤭ချယ်ရီနဲ့sex chatလုပ်လို့ရပါတယ်နော်ပုံတော့မပြပါဘူးရှင့်girl or boyကြိုက်တဲ့သူလာလိုးလို့ရပါတယ်အပြင်မချိန်းပါဘူးနော်sex chatနဲ့ပဲလိုးပါမယ်ရှငိ့👀😋
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Book 1.5 in the "Life in-" seriesAshton McClain is lost.After two years of spiraling out of control he has nowhere left to go. Trying to find something to fill the void his anger leaves. His entire town hates him. He has no friends. And his parents can't even look him in the eye.His family packs up and moves to a new state with the hope that he'll find a new path. The problem is that after everything he's been through he's not sure he has it in him to care anymore. Just when Ashton's about to walk away from his clean slate he bumps into a girl with curly hair and an attitude like he's never seen before. In that moment he thinks he finds exactly what he's looking for.Who is Scarlett Rhodes and why does she always look so sad?There's always a purpose in life as long as you're willing to search for it. ****I hope you take a chance on this gem!Hit 1 Million Reads (12/30/19)#1 in general fiction (7/10/19)#11 in chicklit (6/14/19)#1 in teen love (6/13/19)#6 in teen drama (7/26/19)#19 in young adult (6/21/19)

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Rainy night, blaring lights it was all coming up to this moment. There she stood at the bottom of the steps staring up at what was going to become her biggest mistake yet... Everfall's Casino.⚠️Strong Language⚠️⚠️Violence⚠️⚠️Alcohol Mentions⚠️EDITORS:@briarchubbycheeks@JazaBBMental Support:@meltingblueskies

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In a world where cruelty and uniqueness collide, "Marvellous" emerges as an enigmatic figure, born without parents and nurtured by his guardian, Ferry. Branded with a moniker that reflects both his exceptional qualities and the scorn he endures, Marvellous navigates life's complexities with an air of mystery that sets him apart.Raised in a realm where his very existence is questioned, Marvellous grapples with a barrage of bullying and rejection from his peers. He finds solace in silence, a sanctuary from the harsh realities that surround him. The weight of his origins hangs heavy, as he pays heartfelt visits to his parents' resting place, yearning for a connection he has never known.Despite the adversity that colors his existence, Marvellous possesses an innate brilliance that captivates those fortunate enough to witness it. His uniqueness fuels both fascination and alienation, leaving him adrift in a sea of uncertainty. Life's challenges are as unpredictable as the ocean's tides, pushing Marvellous to confront a series of riddles that hold the key to his destiny. As he grapples with these enigmatic trials, Marvellous embarks on a journey of self-discovery, unearthing the profound purpose that lies within him. His quest is a testament to the enduring resilience of the human spirit, an exploration of the intricate tapestry that weaves individuals into the fabric of existence. Amidst the trials and tribulations, Marvellous stands as a beacon of hope, a reminder that even those without dreams can wield the power to shape their own destiny.In a world brimming with uncertainty, "Marvellous" emerges as an embodiment of the extraordinary potential that resides within each of us. As the story unfolds, the stage is set for a transformative revelation, a testament to the indomitable spirit that propels us toward our true destinies.

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Throughout and After the events of "Alex not Found" Alex has a major fight with all of the riders, and leaves. Up until she is captured and forced to work with Buzzsaw.However unlike the original plot line Alex chooses to not only leave her friends, but her life as a rider. And ultimately join Buzzsaw and Sledkin.

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Mi-Nah has an unhappy past, something that she bears proof of by the scar that laces her back. However, somehow after joining the Korean band Shinee, her wound managed to heal and she began to blossom.Only having been with Shinee for a year, Mi-Nah still has much to learn and when the sudden surprise of living with EXO comes into the picture, her life gets a bit more complicated. Never did she think that EXO would bless her with friendship and love or that they would be there to protect her in more ways than one.Luhan and Chanyeol take an especial intrest in Mi-Nah; both of them fighting for her attention. Follow Mi-Nah on her journey of love, friendship and over coming hardships; with the help of EXO and Shinee.

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Noah is believed to be deaf only that he is partially deaf. After firing three inefficient translators, he finds one who is remarkably attractive. Noah has morals tighter than a fish and seemingly the new translator loathes her new boss so keeping professional boundaries should be easy, shouldn't it?But what happens when Noah's life is at risk and the translator begins to see a husband in him. This is meant to be a bitter sweet read, bringing out the silliness in the characters, heightening emotions, making the readers both amused and touched by the characters.This book has no sexual content . Copyright ©️ Esther Olum 2023

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Une vie rêver ?

Tout droit venu d'histoire

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Patru vieţi în douăzeci de ani

Asteri este cea care vrea doar să trăiască pentru ea. Însă ceea ce nu ştie e că va trebui să trăiască alte trei vieţi, despre care habar nu are.

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💟Let me tell you a story that happened not long ago. Daniel and Celeste have never noticed each other before until one day when, believe it or not, homework had brought them together. Even though it seemed as though these two were not meant for each other, nothing could keep them apart. This is the story of how two completely different people from two completely different backgrounds found each other and fell in love.💟

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Broken Girls Mask

Everyone wears a mask. Here's one specific mask to one specific girl.Disclaimer: This was a story I just came up with that I noticed a lot of girls (and boys) that I decided to write about. I am safe and my mental health is well.

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Finding Home

Used to be called "Finding My Mate"Still being edited so it may change a little so please bare with me if you can thank you and I hope you enjoy!Amy's pack was attacked, she was kidnapped by the Blood Moon pack when she was 10 years old, she was beaten and abused from that point on. She was made a maid but she wasn't completely alone her best friends Pearl and April were with her. Amy has a secret no one else in the Blood Moon pack knows or so she thought. What happens when one night they escape and accidentally run into another pack's territory.Jason is the alpha's son and future alpha of the Crystal Moon pack. He isn't like your typical Alpha's son all he wants is to finds his mate and to protect his pack, every girl in his pack wants him but he pays no mind. What happens when he's out on a run and comes onto something that'll change hi life forever.

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