Doomsday Wonderland Vol. 10: Lava

Doomsday Wonderland Vol. 10: Lava

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Category: Science Fiction
What is Lava? Lin Sanjiu has no idea either.

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If you want to get scared, this book is definitely for you! Add your library and start reading right now! :)P.S.: Most of them are quotation.
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You'll get a variety of short horror stories here. I'm not a writer so I have collected these stories from different sources. I hope you won't mind until you're enjoying reading them.
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DISCLAIMER! Idk if I'm actually good at poetry sooo 🐿️Poetry Book!
Twisted Wonderland x Mairimashita! Iruma-kun!

After the tight fight to secure the throne for demon kings and because of that change their human side fully to demon side. Now, both Iruma and his twin will face something more challenging. Of course involved the invitation for a new school in different realm.What gonna happen now? This story will follow Iruma twin sister as she capture many boy heart. Well I pity those boys because they also need to compete wiyh a demon boys that want her affection.Although to be fair, they were no rule that say the demon king cannot have an Harem.
My Rejected Mate

What happens when enemies become mates?Cassie Dawson a sarcastic teenage werewolf with the alpha blood running through her veins. A menace to society and a tad bit crazy. No one could stop her, well maybe her mom could. Throughout her life she heard about this mate thing. Hwever Cassie thinks at the age of 17 is too young to find your soul mate. Why does she think like this? Well she simply doesn't like the idea of being tied down. Especially being tied down to the person she hates the most in the whole entire world. Cassie may need a prayer. "Um what are you doing." Elliot asked worriedly. My face went back to normal and I rolled my eyes. A sarcastic laughed came out of my mouth. This piece of shit I swear I want to beat him up now. "Oh I wasn't suppose to cry maybe I should go on my knees and beg for you to accept me being your mate. Ok then, hold up." I said I got on my knees and held my hand together. "Y-You don't need to do that." Elliot stuttered. Oh yes, I definitely want to do this for sure. **Slow editing**
The Divorced Heiress' Revenge

I do not own this story. It is for offline purposes only. If you like this story, please support the real author. Thank you. Anna Brown finds herself facing divorce papers that her husband, Justin Salvador, has already signed. Justin, seemingly indifferent and cold, informs her about the divorce and offers her $20 million and a villa as compensation. Anna, desperately in love with Justin, pleads for them to stay married, but he insists on divorcing her to marry his childhood sweetheart, Rosalind Gold.As Justin rushes to pick up Rosalind, Anna feels heartbroken and abandoned. Later, Justin discovers that Anna has left, seemingly in a hurry, and is picked up by a black Rolls-Royce belonging to Asher Thompson, the CEO of KS Group. Justin, frustrated and thinking Anna has found a rebound, learns that it was Anna's birthday. In the car with Asher, Anna, revealing her true identity as Bella Thompson, decides to let go of Justin and embrace her role as the heiress of KS Group, declaring she's over him and won't go back to him...
Dragon Born

|| Book 2 of Adventures of Wala series ||**FIRST DRAFT**Lyla Feyton is a healer, an alchemist, and, when backed into a corner, a fighter. When she meets Quinnton Acker, her skills are put to the test around every corner. Some call Quinn a dreamer, others call him delusional. He likes to see himself as an adventurous romantic--and he's taking Lyla along for the ride.
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After his personal assistant quits, a Wall Street financier must decide whether to break all the rules and track her down.

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If you want to get scared, this book is definitely for you! Add your library and start reading right now! :)P.S.: Most of them are quotation.

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The Journey, Ceristen Series #1

EXCERPT ONLYHow do you shoulder responsibility... when responsibility is everything you ever feared?Fred Thorne takes his duty seriously. When a stove fire destroys his home, plunging livelihood and family into chaos, he sets out to lead his younger sisters to a safe haven. But the terrifying burden of protector weighs on him, and he waits eagerly for the moment to pass it on.If only it were so easy.Misfortunes and setbacks multiply. Peril stalks even the safest roads. And as a wedge of resentment deepens between the siblings, Fred is losing his own self under a relentless spiral of guilt.Where will the Thornes find their place of safety?More importantly, can their fractured relationships weather the intervening storms?ORIGINALLY POSTED ON WATTPAD, 2016-2018. I wouldn't be anywhere without you amazing fam.

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X Fem! Reader

Leave some requests and I'll do it! I'll do my best to make them good!

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(Takes place during March of the Oni)(Book Cover is mine! Please don't take it without permission!)Lloyd is the green ninja and Harumi is the Quiet One. But what if they swap their roles? What if Lloyd isn't who he seems is? What if Lloyd is the Hidden One? What if Garmadon resurrected his real self without any venom that made him evil? What if Wu never got lost in time and Morro never ran away? What is Lloyd planning? What is destiny planning?The ninjas need the Hidden Ones' help to defeat the onis. But the story takes an interesting twist when family drama, issues, backstories, and secrets starts to unravel itself. Can they stop the onis and uncover who Lloyd actually is? Read to find out!

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One week at camp,One week to make friends,One week to revisit GodBlake Washington, the pastor's daughter, visits her favorite place on Earth, youth camp, only this time her best friend isn't there to keep her company. When a boy and his posse who annoy her to bits end up on the same team as her, Blake doesn't know if she can make friends in just one week. Not to mention, the expectations of other people and herself make it hard for her to be the perfect PK example she thinks she needs to be. She just has to last one week and she can leave these people for good. Then again, a lot can happen in just one week. This book is a work in progress. Read at your own risk.Book started: 5/10/2020Book ended: TBD#1 in churches - May 31st, 2020#18 in religious - May 23rd, 2020#2 in making memories - March 30th, 2021I wrote this during social distancing to fill the hole in my heart where camp should be. Share your camp stories in the comments!This book is based on some of my personal camp experiences as well as things I have heard (I do a lot of eavesdropping). Happy reading!

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🥀 සස්වාමිකයි ඈ 🥀 ( සඳ අහිමි අහසක් 🌙❤) Completed

පෙරදින රාත්රියේ නින්දක් නොලැබි නිසත්, අද කාර්යාලය බෙහෙවින් කාර්යබහුල වූ නිසත්, ගතට වගේම මනසටද දැනුනෙ අවිවේකී බවක්. හිත ඉල්ලුවෙම සුවබර නින්දක්." ඔයා බොරුවටනෙ බස් ගානෙ දුක් විඳින්නේ බේබි ඩෝල්.... "අධික වෙහෙස නිසාම ඇස් පියවුනු එක තප්පරෙට ඇහුනු ඒ මූසල හඬින් මම දෑස් විවර කර ගත්තෙ බෙහෙවින් කලබලව. මා කෙතරම් ඒ හඬට බිය වූවාද කිවහොත් මා වෙවුලන්නත් තදින් හුස්ම ගන්නත් පටන්ගත්තෙ එය මගීන් පිරුණු බස් රථයක් බවද අමතක කරලා. හීනෙන් බය වූවෙකු සේ බස් රථයේ උන්න මිනිස්සු අතරින් මම හෙව්වේ දකින්න අකමැති ඒත් මගේ දෛවයෙ ලියවිලා තිබුණු ඒ රූපය. බස් රථයේ උන්න හැම මගියෙක් දිහාම මම බැලුවෙ සැකයෙන්. කොහෙ හරි ඒ යක්ෂයා සැගවිලා ඇති කියලමයි මගේ හිත කිවුවේ.

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Short horror stories

You'll get a variety of short horror stories here. I'm not a writer so I have collected these stories from different sources. I hope you won't mind until you're enjoying reading them.

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