Doomsday Code 09

Doomsday Code 09

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Category: Science Fiction
Not mine. For Offline (Public/Inspirational) Reading Purpose Only. Credits to the Author.


Tittle: 末世之代号09 / Doomsday Code 09
Author: 枉凭栏

After 20 years of deep sleep, she woke up from the ruins, and what awaited her was the devastated apocalypse and terrifying zombies...

Well, well, this is the arrogant history of the faceless and sultry heroine in the apocalypse.

This article is a strong female, the heroine views are twisted and murdered without blinking.

Occasionally, there is a tendency to go crazy.

It does not contain plots such as cultivation in the portable space, farming, raising children and raising a harem.

It only tells the story of a genetically modified female biological weapon with a golden finger.

Think Twice Before Entering The Pit ......

Content label: strong female power Search keyword: Protagonist: Ling Jiu ┃ Supporting role: ┃ Others:

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Title: 席卷天灾 - Natural DisasterAuthor: 黄小婵 - Huang XiochanChapters 174 [COMPLETED] TRANSLATED [MTL]Qiao Qingqing's first action after being reborn was to call her husband back home."Can't you take time off? Tell your boss that your wife will jump off the building!"Remaining composed, she immersed herself in online shopping, meticulously arranging renovations for their home-doors, windows, water tanks, solar energy, and floor heating-all piling up as she eagerly awaited her husband's return. When he finally arrived, Qiao Qingqing couldn't contain her tears of longing."I've missed you so much!"For ten long years, through rain and storms, I missed you every day.This time, we must face the doomsday disaster together, and even if we perish, we will perish together.No one could have predicted that the month-long rain would mark the beginning of the end of the world.As people suffer through various hardships, displacement, and despairingly await dawn in eternal darkness, they realize that the rain was but a gentle prelude. After it, all calamities arrive swiftly, leaving no chance for reaction.
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Lin Molu has transmigrated into the unlucky female supporting role of the doomsday novel, the kind who can't stop dying with the heroine. So she decisively hugged the thigh of the final boss zombie king. The Zombie King was still a pure boy at this time. In order to hold on to this life-saving gold medal and prevent the boy from going down the old path of corpse transformation, Lin Molu was greedy early in the morning and dutiful. She broke a diamond heart before and after battles! If any zombie dared to look at the little boy more than once, Lin Molu would want to pounce on it and bite it first! So everyone in the base knew that Lin Molu, who was extremely cruel to the enemy, loved the little boy so much that she would not want her life. The little boy himself also felt: she loves me so much that she doesn't want her life. So-- little boy: Lulu, don't worry, I will never let you down. Lin Molu: No, listen to me, I might be the one who betrayed you. Boyfriend: You have no chance. Lin Molu: QAQ! ! Doomsday essay brain hole, sweet essay, sand sculpture essay! Please add to favorites~ The update time is stable, around 9:00-9:30 a.m., updated daily. Demining: The logic is dead, and the style of writing is sandy and ancient. Weibo @上官春水 Content tags: Portable Space End Times Female Supporting Keyword: Protagonist: Lin Molu, Zhou Yunchang ┃ Supporting Actor: ┃ Others: Title: 末日第一宠[穿书] | Doomsday's First Beloved [Through Books]Author: 上官春水NOT MINECR: AUTHORMTL
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After the college entrance examination, when Yan Mu was visiting her future university campus, the last days came to an end.Afterwards, when she poked blood from her finger on the family jade pendant with heartache, but did not see the legendary space, she finally began to accept her fate and start her own journey to the end of the world.But one day later, she suddenly discovered...Sigh, the stewed taste of this mutated big rooster is really good!Hmm... She had never eaten such a tasty and chewy pork, and she was so moved that she cried! a mutant black bear, right? She has grown up so big, she has never eaten bear paws... She has eaten too much meat these two days, let's change to mutated cabbage tonight...As Yan · super rich · rich second generation · Mu, her hands-on ability has always been excellent It is at the level of dark cooking, but after the end of the world, it seems that even this skill has mutated...Gradually, she found that some people plucked chicken, braised pork, beat bears, and even washed cabbage. At that moment, she finally felt that something was wrong.Later, she said with a serious face: "Do you want to have a meal?"Sinan: "..."------During the march..."Captain..."The expressions of the subordinates were indescribable, and it took a long time before the difficulty Said: "Could it be that... the things made like that... are really edible?"Looking not far away, she was waving a spatula while chanting, such as: [Ah~~ Wild pork can use wine to get rid of the fishy smell, Adding some squid juice would be even better...][The chicken is massaged with judo techniques, sprinkled with mutated onion, ginger and garlic, it feels extra delicious...][Afterwards, it will be fried with vegetable oil... Ah! Golden!]Sinan's face twitched at the words of Yan Mu.Title: 末世吃货生存手札 | Doomsday Foodie Survival HandbookAuthor: 九尾婆婆NOT MINECR: AUTHORMTL
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Not mine. For Offline (Public/Inspirational) Reading Purpose Only. Credits to the Author.MTLTitle: 异世大佬她又美又飒 / Another World Boss, She's Beautiful and Sassy / Apocalyptic Boss She's Beautiful and Sassy Author: 垂画Shi Mo returned to the day before the end of the world, only to find that she had lived as a female supporting role in a book of doomsday in her last life.And she... the No. 2 supporting actress, she who used her strength to collapse the plot.After being reborn, her goal is to protect her relatives and return to the peak of the apocalypse.As for the rest... On the day of the end, other start shivering! What happened to the gentle man who was just following behind her?Didn't I just take care of your sister for a period of time, is it necessary to promise each other?Gu Zixiu: Silently, I am a demon, you are a lunatic, let this apocalypse celebrate us together.Shi Mo: No, I can do it alone, the man will stand behind me!Gu Zixiu: Yes, my dear Her Majesty.The gentle and scumbag gentleman professor VS the beautiful, cool and handsome heroineThis article mainly follows the career line, and the male protagonist appears later.Sprinkle sugar to see fate, fight monsters to see strength.Female protagonist | End of the World | Zombies | Space | Rebirth | Abilities
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In 2045, Psychwatch treats the mentally ill or cages them. Margo wants to bring empathy to every patient but a killer pushes her, and the system, to the limits ***** In a dark future, more than a third of the United States population suffers from mental illness and violent crime is on the rise. In response, Psychwatch is formed - an organization intended to combine mental healthcare and law enforcement - creating monitored areas and neglected ones known as the Psycho Slums. Margo Sandoval is the latest recruit to Psychwatch, bringing a new level of empathy to the controversial agency known for its unforgiving methods. Margo spends her days as an Empath treating everyone possible, until the arrival of a new serial killer upends her life and forces her to confront the evils of the human mind and the system that claims to be the solution.

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