Discussing The Correct Posture To Enjoy Dog Food论食用狗粮的正确姿势[快穿]

Discussing The Correct Posture To Enjoy Dog Food论食用狗粮的正确姿势[快穿]

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Category: Adventure
Gou Liang traveled through worlds in order to complete a mysterious and arduous mission...

Foodie, flirtatious and good looking shou VS Dimpled, domineering, lord god gong + haunting~~

Reading guide:

Keywords: Quick transmigration! Main character shou! System! Irresistible teasing!

16 worlds in total:

School Campus: Strawberry Flavored Scholar Gong √

Entertainment circle: Lemon Flavored Film Emperor Gong √

Ancient Time: Honey Tangerine Flavored Shadow Guard Gong √

WuXia: Papaya Flavored Senior Brother Gong√

Beastmen: Pineapple flavored Beastmen Gong √

Ghost Spirits: Snow Pear Flavored Dead Gong √

Ancient Time: Grape Flavored Regent Gong √

Apocalypse: Banana Flavored Boss Gong √

Interstellar: Pomegranate Flavored Sentinel Gong √

Modern: Citrus Flavored Aristocrat Gong √

Mecha: Sweet Jujube flavored Lunar New Year Gong √

Ancient Time: Durian Flavored Battle God Gong √

Magic: Watermelon Flavored Blackened Gong √

Cultivation: Cherry Flavored Disciple Gong √

Fantasy: Blueberry Flavored Demon King Gong √

Celestial World: Bayberry flavored Senior Immortal Gong √

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