Diary of a Mermaid (true story)

Diary of a Mermaid (true story)

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*This entire story is a work of fiction. No people or events that occur are based on any real life cases.
June 18, 2016, 12:14 a.m.
Boy, did things go downhill from there.
Behold, the struggles of a twenty-first century mermaid. Dodging every little drop of water and keeping away from those who spit when they talk.
I'm Jewel Citrina and this is my life.

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lemons (god forgive us for our sins)

just smut. pure plain indescribable smut i hope u enjoy

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Mercedes Rodrigez has just returned home from a boarding school and hopes that now she can find the one for her. She is feisty and knows how to stand up for herself.But don't think she is bad. She may be an Alpha's daughter but the reason she went to Mountview wasn't because she'd been in trouble, it was so that she could recover from horrific things she saw in the past. When her father announces The Annual Alpha Meeting was coming up and she isn't looking forward to it, for it was where these terrifying memories took place.But she does have hopes of finding her mate. She's loved the idea of one ever since her parents had told her what they were. It is the only thing that makes her happy other than her family and friends.Alpha Jaimez Xavier Trojan could only be described in one way... RuthlessHaving lost his parents in a rouge attack whilst away searching for his mate, he became cruel and only cared for his pack and sister.... the only person he had left to call family. He didn't know how to love. Distraught and desperate he set out to find the one he knew could make him happy once again.He'd been looking for his mate for 2 years and when he came up short, he lashed out on the pack he was currently searching.But one thing he didn't know was that his mate was within arms reach and had witnessed the whole thing....He couldn't.... no wasn't allowed to smell her because the Moon Goddess didn't let himHe still had hopes of finding his mate but now he needed to attend The AAM and planned on focusing on workBut his plans go down the drain as he steps out of his car and takes a whiff...When they meet again, only Mercedes recognizes Alpha Trojan and when she finds out that they're mates, she does the only thing she can think of and that is..... runMaybe it was fate... or not?#511 in Ruthless 08/02/19#24 in Alphasdaughter - 16/11/20

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