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She was innocent, pure, childish and beautiful. She want nothing, just love. But Her family treat her like an outsider. They didn't showed any love or affection towards her. Why????

Cause she belongs to someone else. Who was not a mere human being. She was sold to devil's before she was born.

But there was someone who was waiting her from long time. She was his love and obsession. He could do anything to keep her close to her. But.....

who was he??? Why did he love her??? And why she was sold to devil's???

Everything is in the story.....

This is the collaboration story of @_night_apple07 and @SOFYrahman.

Hope you enjoy it.

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Всё произошло в клубе,там работал Тэхён.А Чонгук как раз пришёл в клуб когда была его смена.Произошла не очень хорошая ситуация,после которой Тэхён очень хорошо вмазал Чонгуку.Но он не знал кто такой Чонгук,и потом очень сильно пожалел что это сделал....

Embark on a journey with the Varadorian 181st, a fresh regiment joining the Imperium of Man's Crusade - "The Purge of Apostasy." Witness their quest to cleanse planets fallen to Chaos and corruption on the fringes of the Segmentum Obscurus and reclaim a strategic foothold. Join these warriors as they strive to etch their names into the annals of history.
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We all have that one friend who you can tell everything to, they're your best friend and you cannot live without them. I had that...I had 4 of the best friends you could imagine.They could make me laugh non-stop at their ridiculous humour and they always knew what to do to cheer me up when I was down. They were always by my side when I needed them and I was always by their's.They were so spontaneous, I remember them randomly saying once how we should all go busking in the streets of London, they practised for a couple weeks and I would join in because they loved it when I sang with them. Then when we were ready we went to the centre of London. I watched from only a distance away, admiring how confident they were in front of a large crowd and wishing one day I could be that. I always knew they had something special.They could always get a crowd going or make someone smile. They were almost born to enter stardom, however I never imagined it to happen quite as quickly as it did. They blew up within weeks of them touring with one direction and I knew that they would be big in the music industry. But I never anticipated that this would tear our friendship apart...

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