Destined for Revenge

Destined for Revenge

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What will you do when your own prince charming becomes the villain?Your only love becomes your tormentor?

As for Aveliene it was a nightmare come true.

Aveliene Lawrence:

"I never imagined that my fantasy will turn out to be my worst nightmare."

I always got attracted to fairy tales, since childhood when my mom told me about the stories where a princess always got saved and loved by their prince charming.
I also waited for the time to meet my own . BUT, little did I know that he will become my worst fear, 'Because In Reality there is no fantasy.'

Vaughn Rodriguez:

He was marked as the most successful young and handsome eligible bachelor according to Forbes. He was also an arrogant multi-billionaire playboy and a ruthless mafia leader.
Girls easily throw themselves at his feet as if he is a charmer who likes to play with emotions.
But--- he is also harbouring a 'Dark Ancestral Past'.

"My sole aim in life is to take revenge and get back the prestige of my family. Which was lost decades ago."

"How far will you run away princess as I will always found you 'Cause I am your only Protector and Destroyer."

Get ready for a journey full of suspense, deceit, drama and romance.

What will happen when destiny will tie these two different sides of a thread together? READ to find out.....

Note- This is not a cliché.

(C) 2021 Unrevealed Author. All rights reserved.

Cover designed by @navyblueee

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