Deeply rooted in your love [Fast Wear]

Deeply rooted in your love [Fast Wear]

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Zong Que was born with indifferent feelings, no parents, brothers, friends and lovers, came alone, and walked alone. Everything in the world is like earth and rock, but I encountered a small grass in the yellow sand in the sky. The green is extremely pleasant, seemingly fragile, but deeply rooted in the desert, sowing grass seeds, blooming flowers, and turning the desert into paradise. I would like to plant a love root for you. I would like you to... Love is deeply rooted. Lejian, who was kissed so that he couldn't breathe: Are you really emotionally missing? --For Your Love Roots [Fast Wear]

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A fanfic story about Roronoa Zoro.Credits to Eiichiro Oda.Reminder:It is a fanfiction. If any of the character or parts of the story is inaccurate, it's because it's fanfic. Please read with an open and imaginative mind! Thank you!

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