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Category: Mystery
Ever since Denizen gave up being a villain and agreed to go through the villain rehabilitation center, life's been a whole lot less stressful. While it's still filled with relationship complications with his friends, Edison and David, Denizen can start to forge a future that makes up for all the memories he's lost.

But when Deception-his apparently ex-girlfriend with the power to make anyone believe what she says-kidnaps him, everything he knows for sure is thrown out the window. She tells him a very different story than he's come to know, one where they were a disillusioned, struggling young couple with a dream of a world that's not separated by rich and poor, hero and villain, useful and useless.

Is Deception friend or foe? Is her story true? As Denizen balances the careful act of compliant prisoner and wayward accomplice while searching for an escape, the lines between hero and villain blur and he is thrown into the struggle to keep himself straight in this world of increasingly expanding shades of grey.

SEQUEL TO BLANK SLATE - DL'ers may read Blank Slate for club reading!
***Exclusively on W A T T P A D***

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