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Category: Science Fiction
Years ago when a young orphaned girl, advanced cybernetics were surgically installed into Avia's brain. Able to hack into virtually any computer, control system, or AI, she and others like her became child soldiers in an interstellar war. But once the war was won, the Sol Federation turned on them, labeling them Aberrants, dangers to humanity to be deactivated and locked away. Now on the run, Avia fled from a fate she considered worse than death.

Zach, a former rebellious member of the social Elite, traded jail time for bounty hunting. With a relentlessness Avia did not understand, he pursued her across the galaxy. But Zach had other plans for Avia than turning her in.

All Avia ever wanted was a normal life someplace where she was loved, and she loved in return. But between a humanity threatening conspiracy and fellow Aberrants that truly earned the label, that seemed an impossible dream.

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