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Curse Of The Witch [ ONHOLD ]

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Category: Historical
"So the reason is related to who are you. And the moment I know who you are is I will die? "
"Because the moment I said that you will die, is the moment that those words are embark in your life. "
"What do you mean with that? "
"All I can say is my words are absolute and powerful. "

Elethea Aisley was born as a human but has a power that much more powerful than anyone. But the moment she fall in love is also the reason she will lose her freedom. But she was ready to sacrifice anything for him, and the only person she will love... The prince who makes her fall in love with her crazy that even sacrificing anything is worth for him...

Update will be every Thursday, the late update will be Saturday. :3 Mostly I update twice depending on how long it is... If I'm in the mood I can update more than twice in a unexpected schedule...

My story needs a lot and a lot of revising, mostly because it's a scribble of my thoughts. (unedited and plan to rewrite it. )

Any similarity to my stories is all a coincidence, so please don't judge my story. Appreciated and I will be thankful ;3

Warning: this story is kind of clichรฉ, full of angst, secrets and most of all different kinds of mythical creatures that don't exist. If you still want to read go on but I did warn you. Include a lot of grammar mistakes.

And also enjoy to your heart content ;3

Under editing for now so no updates for it. This story is messy as hell so I will take this story in rest for now. But look forward to the comeback

Started the story: Feb 15,2017
Ended the story: --------

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