Curse of Ravens // Mikaelson

Curse of Ravens // Mikaelson

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"Raise the shadows from the deep, make them form, make them weep."

Unlike my sweet sister, I spent last year infiltrating the most feared and elitist global witch Clan in the world for nothing more than the knowledge they possess. Now, they are hunting me and my father down. My sister spent last year sparring with her Headmaster (yes, I also find it pervy) and attending Latin classes about how to properly pronounce incantations.

To say we were opposites of one another would be putting it lightly.

This year I joined my sister at the Salvatore Boarding school. According to my mother, I needed to socialize with people my own age. But my presence at the school has not gone unnoticed. I've been forced to calculate my moves and expect an attack from any side.

After all, my father did say that friends and enemies are often born in the same place.

This is a Legacies/The Originals/The Vampire Diaries Fanfiction. This is my replacement for the monstrosity that is Legacies.

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