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"Are you sure you just want one kiss?" He whispered against my lips softly.

As I stared into his eyes, I knew that I didn't just want one kiss. I didn't think any amount of kissing him would ever be enough to satisfy me.

Say stop, the logical part of my brain screamed. He's a monster. You can't kiss him!

But every other inch of my being screamed out for him. I couldn't resist. I was powerless against my attraction.

"Maybe just... one more kiss."

when bored librarian Betty finds herself in the clutches of the dreaded buggy pirates, how will she survive their crazy, but charming leader, buggy the clown? More importantly, how will she cope with her romantic feelings that continue to grow for him?

book cover made by the amazing @Allium687 so please check them out!
live action buggy the pirate fan fiction!

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