Cowboy Mine (3B Ranch Series) Book 1

Cowboy Mine (3B Ranch Series) Book 1

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Category: Romance
✽+†+✽ Cowboy Mine ✽+†+✽

+†+ Beau Blanton is well known and respected in the rodeo community and co-owner of the 3B Ranch in Montana. After the notification that his older brother was Missing in Action Beau returns home to take on the responsibilities of the ranch, his family and all the people who live and work there. He feels the weight of all the individuals and animals on the ranch that depend on him. Added to the difficulty of coming to terms with the disappearance of his brother, Beau dives head first into running the ranch.

Drina Skylard is a popular, talented Country Western singer who is feeling stressed on several levels. She recently took on guardianship of her younger twin half siblings after the death of their parents. She feels the weight of bonding and caring for them, helping them through their grief while dealing with her own. She, the kids, her band and the entire entourage have been performing across the country for eleven months with little to no break. As a result they are all anxious and short tempered. She feels it necessary to give her family and the entire band a hiatus, so they are headed to the 3B Ranch in Montana, owned and operated by Beau Blanton, Champion Bull Rider.

Her ten year old brother and sister follow his career closely and are thrilled to be spending the entire summer at the 3B Ranch and the prospect of actually meeting their hero, Beau Blanton. However; he is definitely not what Drina expected. She understands that he is worried about his missing brother, but his gruff, often times rude manner tests her fiery temper.

Beau has no patience for a spoiled, arrogant, wan-a-be cowgirl. However; he soon finds himself enchanted by this sweet, sassy, spunky, and often hot tempered little temptress.


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