Cowboy Defender{Cowboy Protecter 5}

Cowboy Defender{Cowboy Protecter 5}

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Category: General Fiction
After getting in an accident with her twin Angel runs from her family. Three years later she hasn't seen or talked to them because she blames herself for getting her sister hurt. Working as an informant for the FBI she is given a partner when she is attacked by a killer that she'd been following.

After watching his family being murdered and not being able to save them Jack has sworn off all commitment except his job. When a case lands on his desk he will do whatever he can to bring the killer down even if it means putting up with a woman that drives him crazy. But when she is attacked he realizes there may be more to the woman.

Cover by @RyeGeoff

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IN DEVELOPMENT SONY TELEVISION PICTURES & KOMIXX ENTERTAINMENT (The Kissing Booth) 2014 Watty Award Winner, Selected by @PPZmovie for the Best Female Horror Stories, and Selected by @TheReturned for the Best of Horror! Kidnapped, blindfolded, and thrown in the trunk of a car, Abriana Vega's date with Easton Pierce has taken a terrible turn in a deadly direction. Cursing herself for going on a date with someone she met online, Abriana has no idea that Easton isn't the only one who wants her dead. As her days in captivity crawl by and her plan to escape is thwarted, Abriana begins to lose faith. How long does she have left? Will she escape? What will become of Easton Pierce?***Since posting the original draft on Wattpad, CAPTURED has been fully edited and nearly doubled in size (70k words). Add this book to your library for updates on the digital television series and when you can expect CAPTURED to come to a bookstore near you!

All it took to meet one of the world's craziest, most dangerous serial killers was being in the wrong place at the wrong time. This was all it took to send Alice into the world of a criminal. *FINISHED*
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"There are a total of six worlds, captain" The captain of the strongest knight order has been resurrected into another world with no memories of the life she had lived before her death.Will she be able to survive when she is forced to go back to her original world?-Genre: Fanfiction and fantasyTwice X fem!Reader
Abandoned Princess [Old version]

"Princess. The title was never meant for me."The story starts with "Once upon a time" and ends up with "She died with her head unattached to her body."May 22 2020 - #1 in ParallelUniverseJune 01 2020 - #1 in IsekaiJune 01 2020 - #1 in MagicJune 04 2020 - #1 in Otome

Zen is a feared delinquent in the real world. He is known as merciless against his enemies and a cold-hearted person. What would happen to him if he got reincarnated in a world full of delinquents? Will he finally make some friends he can lean on? Or he will continue to close his heart to other people. NOTE: I do not own Tokyo Revengers and the pictures I will put in the future updates, so credit to whoever made them.
The Bet

Nicole was one of the schools most popular sought girl. She was easy going, stubborn and full or herself. Emilia was the complete opposite of Nicole. She's hard working, kind and strict. She's also the current student council president and was also one of the most sought girls even if she was called the ice princess.A bet was placed for Nicole to make Emilia her girl. Can she win the bet or will everything back fire.
Diapered on the Trip With The Cousins

Scott and his sister Nia go on a week-long trip to their cousin's house after their mother has to go on an unexpected work-related trip On this trip Scott finds himself being unfairly treated by his cousins and he ends up being forced to wear and use pull-ups and later diapersThis story will be from Scott's POV for most of the story and will refer to Scott as you.
The Exiled Alpha | ✓

"It's like he's a different breed of werewolf. Something... beyond us."• • •Adrienne Gage has spent her entire life being shunned and punished for her mouthy attitude, and being loyal to a pack which doesn't deserve her loyalty. It's been a year since her last punishment, and she's been walking on eggshells to keep herself in the clear. But now, that's all being threatened to be taken away if she doesn't abide by what the Alpha's son wants; and that's her as his Luna. At the same time, terrified whispers are circulating around. Mentions of a tyrant Alpha looking for a new pack to conquer. Adrienne thinks nothing of everyone else's paranoia. That is until she finds herself half conscious and being dragged away deeper into the woods with canines around her neck.Highest Ranking #1 in ParanormalHighest Ranking #1 in Werewolf Highest Ranking #1 in Romance Cover made by @SilverlessCOMPLETED

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OK K.O. Lets Be Heroes y yo

En este libro diré como me pareció la serie a lo largo de sus tres temporadas siendo antigua fan de dicha serie animada, lo que me gusto y lo que no me gusto (aunque al parecer atribuiré mas a esta parte por que los problemas que le veo a la serie son mas destacables y eclipsan a los buenos aspectos que este tiene) y daré calificación final desde mi punto de vista.

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Frost & Flames | Soulmate AU 2 |

-this is a sequel to Fire & Ice-Lake knew the time was coming when everything would go wrong, he just didn't realize it would be this soon. There are a lot of things he can deal with, especially with his team to help out. The fact that The Vault's tagline is that it's "the place nobody ever comes back from" really isn't promising, though. The evidence against him also isn't very reassuring.

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Ink wasn't one to be held up by emotions, despite what others think. He didn't have a soul, he went through his daily life with his vials. Until he met Error, at first when they fought Ink just wanted to get rid of this nuisance, but Error made Ink feel something. Something real, not authentic. So he wants Error, there is no substitute for how Error makes him feel. Although someone in the dark might also have their eyes on Error, the god of Negativity. Error has a bad feeling something is going to happen he won't like, but he doesn't know what.·Error Forced God of Destruction made by @Harrish6

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Последний поход флибустьера.

ГЛАВА 1. ЧЕРНИЛА НА КОНЧИКЕ ШПАГИ. По одной из темных улочек портового городка Акахутла, в сторону порта торопливо двигался человек. Молодой мужчина, почти юноша, с головы до ног был окутан черным плащом. Сильный гнев и ненависть юного сердца гнали его прочь из родного дома, все дальше и дальше. Ровно полночь в море должен отойти корабль " Святая Анна " набитый всяким сбродом, нанятый капитаном Джоном Эболи. Он почти месяц собирал полупьяных разбойников в при портовых кабаках, вместо прежнего экипажа. Это был тайный захват испанского судна его же капитаном. Об этой тайне не знали только местные власти и губернатор Джекоб Морган. Он даже и не мог подумать , что в его маленьком городке, который как ему казалось он знает, как свои пять пальцев, зреет крупный заговор. Молодой мужчина, Стив Морган, старший сын губернатора, еще вчера был внесен в списки команды корабля и теперь спешил к месту отправки. Шпага, которую он тайком взял у отца непривычно била его по левому бедру. Сказать к слову, что фехтовальщиком он был отменным. Лучшие учителя при дворе его отца преподавали ему фехтование с де

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Naruto of DxD (On Hold)

After the World 4th Great Ninja War ended, Naruto Senju Uzumaki along with his grandmother Tsunade Senju and godmother Shizune were sended into another world to reunite with their long lost family by Sage of The Six Path even gifted him with all 9 tails beasts along Rinne-Sharingan on both eyes which he can activate and deactivate at will as well the knowledge of the other dimension to Naruto and the other two. Will he find her? Let's find out.

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