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Differents Kiyopon's with different personalities and different situations.
Or I don't know, basically everything that comes to my mind hehe~
Many oneshot, oneshots, short stories, etc.

I do NOT own Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu E/Classroom of the Elite/Clase de Γ‰lite

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COTE[AU]: An Intensifying Mystery.(Old Ver.)

The s-system was fully explained on the first day with several other feature's like OAA were also introduced and kiyotaka being the only exception having an oaa score that no one in the whole school had...a special exam was also revealed how will ayanokouji tackle the situation he is in?...This is just a fanfic Original work belong to kinugasa and tomoseV1 finished Started :April 12

COTE:KIYONE X TAKUYAATTENTION: THIS STORY IS UNDER REVISION:The following chapters have been rewritten; prologue, vol 1 Chapter 1Random conversation between Kiyone and Takuya in my mind:"Why do you like ice cream?"(Kiyone)"I like it because it's cold like you"(Takuya)"What?" (Kiyone)"When the ice cream enters my mouth it melts and I want your heart to melt like the ice cream I eat." (Takuya)"..."(Kiyone)***Current second year class points:Classes A,led by Sakayanagi: 959 class pointsClass B,led by Ichinose: 542 class pointsClass C,led by Ryuen: 540 class pointsClass D,led by Horikita : 435 class points[RANDOM UPDATE]The characters may be ooc because I'm not good at writing their personalities[Warning:I don't own any classroom of the elite, characters, illustrations, photos, they all belong to their author]
COTE: Polygamy Route [18+]

πŸ”ž+ Follow Ayanokoji as he seduces each and every woman in COTE one by one while attempting to maintain his quiet high school existence. The fanfic would start from volume 1 of the light novel and will have the same special exams but the methods for passing them would be entirely different. Also just a heads up it has smut, lots of smut.Also Fuuka best girlπŸ’›- Just Ecchi scenesπŸ’˜- Full-on Sex scenesAuthor of Original Work: Kinugasa Syougo-sensei

COTE STUFFSome random stories that I thought ofThere's RANDOM STORIES, REACTIONS, AND... That's it ;-;But it's not just some normal stories or reactions! They are special normal stories and reactions! Cause... They just are...You can request me some of your ideas tooENJOY!!
Random COTE One-shots

Just a bunch of things that pop up in my head, some stories won't have a sequel, some might have but depends on whether or not I can think of what to writeI'm not a particularly good writer, just doing this for funNote: Inconsistent updates, some stories happen too fast thoughHope you enjoy
The mistery behind his apathetic face

What if a student named Ayanokoji Kiyotaka transferred to a second year class D, just because of principal's will?That would definitely attract unwanted attention from not only upperclassmen and Student Council, but also from people his age, but, for some reason a school year below. How would Kiyotaka get out of this situation? Let us find out!P.S: This is Arisu x Kiyotaka fanfic, so just be aware of it.Note: The characters from first year will remain the same as in the LN and anime. Even tho i learn English, it isn't my first language, so be free to criticize any grammatical mistakes I've done. First fic btw, enjoy!
Ayanokoji Kiyotaka's last exam

Description:Ayanokoji Kiyotaka has become the perfect successful student of the White Room. However, Ayanokoji-sensei doesn't think so, as his son still hasn't proved that he can be a leader in society. In order to improve his social and leadership skills, Ayanokoji's father sends him to Kodo Ikusei, a special school, where he has to pass his final exam.Dedication:To all COTE (Classroom of the Elite) fans, as well as all those fanfiction authors I was inspired by. Thank you! And, of course, to our Shogo Kinugase!Notes:Honestly, this is my first fanfic written with a serious face, so I will ask you to point out any flaws and errors. I, in turn, will try to correct them. I hope you enjoy it. Enjoy your reading!Co-auther: wrote this fanfic in Russian, and it was translated for you by this person: to him.
The Elite Game  (ongoing)

-welcome to the elite game- In this game , you will repeat living the same thing over and over againWhat can you do when the only way to save your friends is to either be killed or kill them ? Can you stop fate ? Or will you give up and accept the endless death? (i don't own classroom of the elite, this is just one of my first fanfictions)

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Tint Of Love

Highest rankings #1 in love #1 in strong female character #1 in mineAarohi vashisth a 24 year beautiful girl .,working in pune in a advertising agency. She is a flawless beauty .The girl who used to be full of life now lives like a stone with no emotions .she was not like this but a incident has changed her life forever .Ranvijay sahay a 36 years old,handsome multibillionaire business man of mumbai and a underground mafia king also .He had handled his business empire after his father's death . His cruel ways of dealing with people are famous all around the world no body wants to get into his bad books .The whole world knows that sahay group is just a facade but his true identity is the mafia boss ,but he knows how to maintain the two worlds.I dont care what you think about me ,i am not born to impress you . - Aarohi If you think i am bad you are wrong i am worst . - ranvijay sahay .

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The Trouble with Love

❝The higher you go, the harder you fall.❞ Elena Evans has always been the observer. No one notices her, but she sees everything. The Elite. Beautiful, spoiled, exclusive. The richest families in the world- they don't let just anyone in. When Elena is asked to make one of them fall in love with her, she figures it's just a stupid game. But the Elite have secrets- and Elena isn't the first one to play their game. [The Elite Series #1] [Wattys2014 Winner: Talk Of The Town Award]

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