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Wife is Fierce, Don't Mess With Her! || LK Adaptation

Once Gu Lalisa, she was fortunate enough to be born in the "best" family, ended up having a miserable and unjust life.Reliving her life once more, Gu Lalisa chooses to enlist in the military and bear the toughest hardships she has ever faced. Everyone says that she's the least possible person to join the special forces. However, she manages to prove all of them wrong.Good-for-nothing? Who's the good-for-nothing? Is she a good-for-nothing when she can throw all of them onto the floor in a fight? Is she a good-for-nothing when she has results better than everyone else? She'll prove all of them wrong.Enter Helian Jungkook, the well-known, youngest major-general in Beijing. A banishment sends him into the basic ranks in a military camp as a new recruit. From then on, he meets a person that makes him dote on and protect at all costs, his beloved. However, his beloved is only focused on fighting and killing. Major-general Helian declares this to be a very bad, a very terrible situation. Yet, Gu Lalisa merely replies, "Scram! Lower your gun if you dare!"--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------❤I don't own this story, credits to the rightful author and translator.Started: July 19, 2022Ended: September 11, 2022
The Daughter of the Alpha King

She is sweet.He is cruel.She wants freedom.He wants her all to his self.~*~Roselyn has been a good little girl all her life. Never said the word 'no' and has been a daddy's little girl. She's a princess, daughter of the Wolf King so she must act proper and a lady. On her 16th birthday there is a ball celebrating her big day. Her father announces that she is to marry...none other than...her best friend.But for the first time ever, she refuses the duty she must do. After her father commands that she marry her arranged fiancé she does the only thing she can do... Run.Determined to be free from what seemed to be her perfect life she becomes a rouge but not fully since she has the royal alpha blood in her. When she accidentally runs across dangerous territory things take a toll for the worse. Logan Harris is the strongest, ruthless, vicious and possessive alpha in North America. And when he wants something he gets it no matter what the cost. And Roselyn is what he wants. Will he manage to get her to fall for him or will she run for the freedom she has been dying for her whole life? What if her father comes hunting for his daughter to only force her into an arranged marriage? Will Roselyn ever get to retrieve her dream or will she be stuck following orders for the rest of her life?Discover deep secrets lurking around Logan's past and her fathers past to put her in an arranged marriage.
Love Lies (Unedited)

Alcohol + Hot Guy = Positive Pregnancy Test(FULL SUMMARY INSIDE)------Most impressive rankings#1 - fiction #1 - lover#5 - cheating #9 - chicklit

Alessia is a 14 year old girl, her whole life she has been protecting her little brother, but one day their mother gets killed and they have to live with their dad and 5 brothers they didn't know they had, in New York. As Alessia fights her own fights with her trust issues by the constant betrayal in her life, will she be able to protect her little brother against the 6 giant, and terrific looking men, or does she even have to protect him?⚠️Warning:Torture, abuse, mention of sexual harassment. (english isn't my first language, but i have done my best)(Let me know if you found any more)Disclaimer:I have written this book with the goal for it to become a real book, so the chapter might be a little long.This is the first draft, Edited. I would love it if you would take a second of your time to make a little comment here and there for feedback. The cover design is made by me but with pictures found on 'Picsart'.Top Story Rankings:🏆#1 dad (16.mar.24)#1 stars (28.jun.24)#1 trustissues (05.jul.24)#1 oldersister (23.jun.24) not top#2 trauma (30.jun.24)#3 protective (09.apr.24)#16 mafia (12.jun.24)#49 betrayal (06.apr.24)#57 family (08.apr.24)#90 abuse (31.mar.24)

Sana was eighteen when she had been properly introduced for the first time to Daanish Ahmed Ali, 22 years. And she developed an instant girly crush on him.Ten years later, working in London Sana gets an invite to her best friend's wedding where she meets Daanish once again.Does Sana still feel the same for him? Will a silly girly crush bloom into a romance? ..........
Their bambina

Sequel to 'Their principessa' || read the first to understandCover by @_navyblueee_~~~~~Isabella Cortello-Moratti. A girl who had many dreams, all of which were ripped away from her at the age of 16 after her death. 12 heart broken brothers, all destroyed by the death of their principessa. But what will happen when a familiar someone moves to the city of LA in search for something? What will happen when secrets are revealed and families are reunited? What happens when a certain Russian boy is added to the mix?
Their principessa

Cover by @_navyblueee_~~~~~The Cortello and Moratti brothers rule the city of angels, Los Angeles. Two famous billionaire families with seemingly nothing in common...Except for Isabella.Isabella Jones grew up hidden from the world, abused by her mother. All she had ever known was abuse. She believed she was an only child, unloved and unwanted by everyone. Her mother took her heart and shattered it into a million pieces.But what happens when her mother gets involved in a fatal accident and Isabella is sent to live with her 12 older brothers? What happens when both Isabella and her brothers are hiding secrets?Will she fit in? Or will her past come back to haunt her?Mention of abuse, sexual assault, rape and suicidal thoughts.
From losing everything I come back to defeat them all(Ash betrayal story)

Ash is betrayed by his Companies and he lost his mother,Professor oak and All of his Pokémon except for 2 and after hiding from the world for years he has his Pokémon that released and new ones and together they going to a tournament to beat those traitors and show the world who is the strongest follow Ash on his journey to beat them

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A DRAGON'S JEWEL: the Ancient Mage and the dark arts

Alythia wakes up in a strange new world which she believes she has read about somewhere and some time ago.Magic and Mythical Beasts surround her at every turn.She manages to befriend a Dragon but this only leads to more complications...

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You're Beautiful

When you truly love someone, you give everything you have and expect nothing in return. That is the friendship of Zoe and Elliot. The two are inseparable throughout childhood, but after being together for so long, Elliot has to leave Zoe to move over to Arizona with his family. Years go by, the two wondering about the other every second of every passing day. Finally, as they are nearing the point of giving up on each other, they miraculously bump into one another on the snow covered streets of London. Although ecstatic to finally be together, both wonder if things can ever really be the same. Everything has changed in those years they were apart, but was it for better, or for worse?

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Too Hot To Handle - Harry Jowsey

TooHotToHandle has a new bombshell.This is the story of Ella one of the ten singles that are taken to a special island villa for four weeks to find love and $100,000. However, twelve hours into the retreat, the contestants are informed by a virtual assistant, Lana, that they cannot do anything sexual, such as kissing, sex...If they do, then the prize money will decrease by a set amount. How do you think Ella wil take these news?? Will she find love or will she prefer money??Join Ella in her journey in TooHotToHandle. Based on the Netflix show.

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The time was 1976. I was just starting my veterinary medicine career-working the front desk, cleaning cages, helping technicians hold animals, filling prescriptions, and reading fecal floats. In those days, everyone on the team fulfilled all functions of running an animal hospital. It was a crash course in both veterinary knowledge and insanity, and I loved it!Today, much has changed in veterinary medicine; computers, PIMS software, technology, surgical techniques, anesthesia and pain management, pet insurance, financial assistance companies, virtual consultations, compounding pharmacies, CT, MRI, plus, new career opportunities for veterinarians, and practice managers. With my experiences over the past 43 years, I could write a book on the advancements in veterinary medicine.However, what has remained the same is the need for more structured Client Service Representative training. Yes, we have all heard of this issue before, but as a profession, we have yet to develop a career path for CSRs.I attended, participated in, and conducted many front desk training programs, drafted and wrote CSR SOP protocols, conducted training sessions, and watched our industry launch programs to enhance the client experience and relationship building, and still, the same 1976 client service issues are present today.All I hear in the industry is poor client relations skills, difficulty retaining front desk personnel, missed charges, missed appointment opportunities, and client complaints (of all sorts).For example, "my lead front desk doesn't understand proper phone skills," they never smile, always too busy even to acknowledge clients who want to check in or wait for an appointment.

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After losing her brother in a terrible accident, the last thing Cadence James wants to do is move to a new town in the middle of her junior year of high school. Cadence hates everything about Swanford, Missouri. There is no nightlife, no beaches, and the people...Don't even get her started on the people. She didn't think she'd be able to find anyone here that could understand her, but then she met Garrett.Garrett McDuffie and his family were the wealthiest people in town. Garret was freakishly handsome, incredibly smart, and a star athlete. All of these things should make him the most popular guy around, but instead he was known to be a loner. Cadence is quickly drawn to him, but the closer she gets the more she starts to wonder about him and his strange family. Are the skeletons in Garrett's closet ones like Cadence's, or are they something different entirely? Something...not human?Highest Rank #5 in Paranormal

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One of the Guys

Kiana has been living a lie since freshman year. To protect one of her best friends, she has let everyone believe she swings for the same team. Now that senior year has begun, she is realizing that she only has so much time left with Lucas, the boy she's secretly been in love with since the first grade. She wants, more than anything, to tell him how she feels but her two best friends are standing in her way:1.) Logan's family will disown her if they find out how she really feels about girls.2.) Piper is already dating Lucas.Obviously, she has no choice, has to keep her mouth shut, and just suck it up until they all part ways for college. She is almost sure that staying away from Lucas is the right decision because no boy is worth losing a best friend--especially not two...right?

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ROTTMNT Boyfriend Scenarios

I think it's rather self explanatory. Thank you for being here if it ever gets published.~I am tired and don't want to do school work so I probably will be writing this at school when I can lmao~Oop

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Dragon's Heart

Needs editing I looked at the dragon that I grew to love. There was something strange about him. He shared the same beautiful blue eyes that Veren had.The curse of a dragon is that they can not love anyone except for one. This causes Veren a lot of heart ache, which makes Veren hardened and cold. Veren is a loyal friend to the king. He is used to help the king defeat and conquer cities, but when the kings take a few more servants in. Veren faces something he has never faced before.When Irina joins the king, she grows to love his loyal dragon. She despises Veren, but she knows that Veren holds some dark secrets. When the kingdom is put in danger all secrets are revealed.

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Die For You |WenClair|

Just some random one shots of Wednesday and Enid.

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Must Read On WATTPAD

Hello!Here I'll upload my favorite books on wattpad. Basically I read teen fiction, romance, chick-lit and some werewolf stories can be found in between.The order they are uploaded on is completely random.

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