Contact Alpha, A story of sci fi fantasy

Contact Alpha, A story of sci fi fantasy

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Category: Science Fiction
The United Star of Gaia, an advanced space faring human civilization comes across a fantasy like planet in their journey to explore the star. This is the first time mankind had ever come across an alien civilization.
An observatory orbital station was built to study the primitive civilization without exposing themselves to the local population. After half an Earth year of observation the station got a visit from an official and his escort fleets. But while the transport ships were in the process of docking with the station, something went wrong.
The story explore many aspects from this era changing confrontation, from politics, society, emotions, relationships, humanity and life.


"What's going on? where's the head scientist?"

"Sir , that would be me. Something went wrong with the gravity anchor and the station is falling, fast."

"Can we do something about it?"

"Sir please evacuate. We tried our best but the station is beyond saving now. We will be descending onto the atmosphere"

- The work is original, not a parody or a fanfiction of any existing series, only images belong to their respective creator. If there are any images or videos that I made I will inform.
- This story is basically an isekai, high tech meets medieval magic. However it is written in a more original way, with bigger actors .
- There may be R18 content in the future, both gore, violent and sexual. So please keep this in mind. I will however notify if there are such chapters.
- Finally, there will be grim-dark content or at least mentions of grim-dark in this story. Be advised.
- Final note: The story is also available on Royal Road, Webnovel and Scribble Hub.

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