Consequences Of Actions

Consequences Of Actions

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Eleanor James; A shy, quiet, introverted, and sweet 18 years old girl with the weight of the world on her shoulders and secrets wrapped around her like a cloak. A complete package for the bullies in her high school to make her life harder than it already is.

On top of the list of the bullies, stands one name:
Chris Harrington, your typical bad boy; filthy rich, captain of the football team, and handsome as hell with girls falling at his feet back and forth and with an ego bigger than the universe.

Being a boy who breaks each and every law and gives no shit about anything, his world will turn upside down when he sees the gravity of the consequences of his actions in someone else's life.

And that one person is no one other than Eleanor James.

Can Chris make amends for the things he has done? Or will he make everything even worse for Eleanor? Can he succeed to solve his own problems?

On top of that, will they find one more thing along the way other than their hidden aspects of personality?

Read to find out.

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