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Isla Wayne had been presumed dead for four years. Nobody has been able to find her, nobody has heard from her, nobody has been able to figure out how she vanished without a trace. Nobody really remembers her anymore.

Bruce, though, can never forget. Neither can the rest of the boys. How could they forget?

Isla Wayne became a cold case. No leads, no suspects, no nothing. And for four years, the Batfamily wants her back in their lives.

But what if one day, that wish comes true?

Suddenly, a huge lead throws the cold case back on the frying pan, and Bruce can't help but pursue it relentlessly, refusing to give up on the wife and lover Bruce Wayne actually loved.

Will he be able to bring her back? Or will the whole operation freeze over once again?

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 The Deaths We Carry (Male Red Hood Reader x Raven)

[Male Red Hood Reader x DCAMU Raven]DCAMU storyY/N Todd has experienced and given death, he is definitely no innocent soul. Death is not very generous on what it takes, it can take from a toddler to a elder, but it is not kind to most, and for those who have come back from death, they aren't usually the same afterwords. One such person to do so, is Y/N Todd, was killed back in Bosnia, only to come back broken and Abandoned. From that day forth he was a different man, one that only so many could understand.Those who knew him before don't even seem to recognize him anymore, but who can, a man who comes back from death will be different from when he walked among the living..... and I wouldn't want to see the man who could....[This story was inspired by DarkoTheMapper]

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