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Meet Bexley Anderson, she is the coach's daughter. She has 2 older brothers and 4 younger brothers. She is not popular by any means but if you said her name people would know who she was. Her brothers are all popular even her 5 year old brothers are popular in kindergarten! She is 16 and beautiful even though she doesn't know it.

Meet Jax Thompson, he is the star quarterback on his schools football team. He is gorgeous and is the guy other guys want to be and girls want to be with him. Until Bexley Anderson shows up she is the new coach's daughter. She is beautiful, she is shy, she is smart and Jax might just be falling for her.


Just a warning: I'm aware that this book isn't very good. It goes really fast. There are spelling errors and some grammar errors too. If you see some, feel free to comment and correct me (in a nice way please) I'll fix it. There are plot holes I know. The outfits are ugly, it's just bad. Also! There is football in this book, keep in mind, that I know nothing about football! Like at all!

Lastly, there is no diversity in the cast, i'm aware. and i sincerely apologize for that, I was very young when i wrote this and I googled "pretty people" and unfortunately, white people were all that came up. I didn't think anything of it. I am very sorry and will try so much harder to have diversity in my future work.

And if after reading all of that, you still wanna read this book, enjoy!

Please don't steal my work, it's illegal. Thank you!


300,000 reads June 7, 2018
500,000 reads December 29, 2018
700,000 reads May 27, 2019
1,000,000 reads January 23, 2020

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