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Category: Romance
we know how the reality feels out but still we use to be slient in this "stone heaven " we humans which knows as the most beautiful creation of Nature that creation which knows for its feeling but is it our greed or own defect that we never want to know about our deficiency and the will of accepting it.

it's story of two different worlds who has different reasons to end there world but what a acted played by nature and what happened to them when nature started to make them to meet again and again.
it's story of teen boy finding a person whom he can finally cry and say no whom he can express his feelings without being judged and how this behaviour trun the staring of his life. it's all about different world but single motto to collide withineach other

the work is completely non frictional and all the character are used as frictional this story is all about writer thought which it written down and wanted people to think there own views .
it's doesn't made to hate any community country or region.


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