Classroom of the Elite: True self [On Hold]

Classroom of the Elite: True self [On Hold]

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Category: Mystery
My name is Ayanokouji Kiyotaka.
There are many of those who claim to understand who I am... What I am. None of them do. Not even me.
Worry not, though. My high-school life is just getting started. So try and unravel me if you will.

I do not own Classroom of The Elite, the rights of the novel belong to Syougo Kinugasa.

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Ayanoukouji is not from white room but still be OP and have more muscular body. He will be in class-C and lots of student from different class is more nicer and class-D is not really defective( like not insult anyone ever second. Class-D student in lots of reaction fanfic is the worst and defective. I not gonna make them like that.)(poor grammar warning)Disclaimer: The original title is not mine.Type: Fan Fiction Original Work: Classroom of the Elite Author of Original Work: Kinugasa Syougo sensei
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In this timeline Ayanokoji kiyotaka will attend Advance Nurturing High School as goal for the freedom which was reward he received after witnessing death of many close people. He have an idea of the society works and have basic knowledge of common sense. He is a person who takes advantage of situation.Ayanokoji kiyotaka is OCC.He is cruel, blunt, calm, and mature .There may be scenes where your favourite character is being screwed for the plot, so don't spread hate. It's a fanfiction so it may not always follow the original plot.Warning :- My English is not so good, so there maybe many mistakes.Light Novel : classroom of the eliteThe canon story and characters owned by Kinugasa-Syougo-sensei

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