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Charming Mr Stewart

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Elle's the wedding photographer and Dean's the most eligible bachelor and best man at the season's biggest wedding. Can Elle deny her feelings and stay professional, or will she give into her heart's desire and nab him while she can?

After losing her husband, Elle Grace, ran away to a country town, determined to live life shut away with her memories. But when the once-prominent photographer dives back into work, she invites exactly the type of man she could fall in love with. Dean Stewart, wants her, as a wedding photographer, that is. Though taking on Dean as a client is strictly business, Elle can't deny her attraction. The more she ignores him, the more charming he gets, relentlessly trying to steal what's left of her broken heart. When the professional and personal lines blur and heads turn in disbelief, Elle is forced to choose: go back to the lonely life she planned for herself or give love, and Dean, another chance?

[Inspired by a true story.]


This story will become free on 11 August 2023.

[Content warning: This story contains loss, grief, and themes of bullying.]

Cover designed by Ria Amelia

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