Change Of View (049xReader)

Change Of View (049xReader)

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It seemed to be just a normal day at work at the Scp facility.
But somehow Scp 079 escaped and let out all the other Scp's inside the facility.

As you manage to escape most danger in your path, you run into the plague doctor himself.
To safe yourself from death, you forge a deal with Scp 049.
He lets you live, while you help him escape.

Will you make it out alive?
Alone or with him?

Art credit to mechanicalanakal
Story credit to me (UnpopularFanfictions)

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An Scp-049 fanfiction. (x reader)
scp foundation x child scp y/n [Discontinued]

Y/n is a 11 year old kid who randomly got into the foundation find out how and why in this bookI am trying to keep it gender nutural This story is unfinished and it wont be finished
Plague Docter (SCP-049) x Y/N

What happens when you become an SCP guard at an SCP foundation and there's a breach a month after you started working and bump into the plague doctor? will you suffer from the plague doctor or somehow get loved by the plague doctor?
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Idk I just want to do something so ya......All rights go to the person who made the gameP.s i have decided to stop writing this book, as u probably can tell i havent wrote anything for a while, thats because i had gotten a serious writing block to the point i didnt know where i wanted the story to go. So most of this was just a learning thing, and ive grow to hate this book. Tho i might one day re-write this or just fix it. But ya im Discontinuing sorry.
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