Chance Encounters-An Eternal Love of Dreams Fan Fiction

Chance Encounters-An Eternal Love of Dreams Fan Fiction

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This is a variation of the Pillow Book by Tang Qi Gong Zi so I do now own any of the characters. This is mainly a short, fluff story dealing with "What if Donghua Dijun had gotten to know Bai Feng Jiu when she was still a fairly maid in Tai Chen Palace. Would their path towards love be any easier?" I will be departing from Canon in many instances so this is not a retelling of the events in the book. For the most part, the background information on the main characters will be the same so I will not deal deeply with them as I assume most of the readers would have seen the Eternal Love of Dreams drama series from whence the inspiration for this story comes. I hope you enjoy this story as much I am anticipating enjoying the writing of it. For those who adored the love story between Donghua and Fengjiu and still could not get enough, this is for you.

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馃挋Fated Calamity鈾ワ笍 (FJ/WC)

[ssfx3yuchen collaboration with Micarzam14] - in progressNOTE: THIS IS A TEN MILE OF PEACH BLOSSOMS FANFIC AND NOT ETERNAL LOVE OF DREAM FANFIC.馃尭馃尭Disclaimer: please be informed that I do not own the rights to the characters in this story except #74 and #75 which are part of our creation. Bai Fengjiu, Donghua and the majority of characters in the story are fictional characters created by Tang Qi. Lord Wenchang is a character mentioned in the Ten Miles of Peach Blossom drama.OOC: Please also note that the depiction of Fengjiu and Donghua in this story may vary a lot from the original and what DongFeng is in your minds. Kindly proceed to read this story with caution.馃尭馃尭For almost 300 years after Bai Fengjiu is crowned as queen of the Qingqiu Kingdom, she has never spoken a single word to the cold and emotionless Donghua Dijun. At the same time, she is destined with an unknown person, Wenchang Dijun. When a calamity happens one day and Donghua vanishes, will Fengjiu be able to accept her fate with Wenchang? Will Donghua return for his little fox?
What is just a spell?

What if the love that you feel is just a part of a spell? Your dreams, your life, yourself are just a lie. Can you give up everything or do you prefer to cling to a lie? Two person that are not supposed to meet, two souls that are not fated. Some people say that fate is not write, others say that fate is write on stone and can't be change, what do you prefer to believe? The only thing that I can say is that all can change in minute, what you believe is true become a lie, what you believe is impossible become a reality. I used to though that I was the most blessed girl in the word, but now should I say that I am curse, or is just some kind of irony of fate? He says that he loves me, but I know that is no true, I believed that I love him but was no true, so the correct is to free him, right? Because our love was never true, but if all was a lie, why do I feel like my heart breaks every time I tell him I don't love him?Please this is my first story in english, is necessary to tell that english is not my mother language but I try my best to write a good story.
My Love Story

It had been 300 years since Bai Fengjiu was crown as the Queen of QingQiu. She was said to be extremely beautiful and graceful only second to her Aunt who was said to be the most beautiful woman in the nine realm that even Heaven was jealous of them.Fengjiu had tried hard to forget her first love all these years just to be sway by him again..But she could no longer play around as she used to.She was now the Queen of East.She must not let herself bring shame to her people.She was force to attend her aunt and uncle in law wedding and perhaps it was the biggest mistake yet....the more she avoid him , the more fate bring them together. It is said that they are not meant to be together..yet why is it so hard to stop loving him?!Why is it so hard for her to stay away from him?!her feelings for him was resurfacing once again.and she couldn't deal was tearing her apart..knowing that he would once again reject herwhat would she do?would she follow her heart?or ...?// do note that I will use some character from the novel as well,all the characters in here does not belong to me, it is rightfully belong to Tang Qi Gong Zi//
The Universe Around Us

A portal disguised as a bright light took her to a universe she didn't know existed.Disclaimer: This is only fanfiction. I do not claim ownership over all the characters from 3L3W Universe as they are created and owned by Tang Qi Gong Zi. Happy reading, Dong Hua Dijun x Bai Feng Jiu shippers!
Love & Immortality  (鐖变笌涓嶆溄)

"Love & Immortality" (鐖变笌涓嶆溄)• DongFeng FanFiction• Work in Progress (WIP) 馃摑鈿狅笍• Mature & Graphic Depictions of Violence 馃敒• Genre: Xianxia, Fantasy, Romance, Drama, Tragedy鉁 "Shoot for the Moon and Love to the Stars..." 鉁―ISCLAIMER: This story is inspired by and loosely based on Tang Qi Gong Zi's novels "Three Lives, Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (涓夌敓涓変笘鍗侀噷妗冭姳)" and "Three Lives Three Worlds, The Pillow Book (涓夌敓涓変笘鏋曚笂涔)," and the adaptation of said novels into a 2017 TV Series called "Eternal Love: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms" and a 2020 TV Series called "Eternal Love of Dream." All characters are based on Tang Qi Gong Zi's novels and TV adaptations, with the exception of OC's Bai Yue Hua, Bai Zhou Zhiruo, and Chujiang Jianyu.All images belong to their rightful creators/owners.01/31/2022
Tears of Fate - Eternal Love of Dreams Fan Fiction

What happens after Dong Hua and Xiao Bai get out from the chasm. This is a variation of the story in the 2nd book "The Pillow Book" in the Three Lives, Three Worlds Series of Tangqi Gongzi. In this variation, there is no Bai Gun Gun yet at the start of the story. There will be many sweet moments here for our couple but it would not be without a little bit of angst. Don't worry, this will have a happy ending as I hate sad endings. Also, for the most part, I assumed that the reader is familiar with the story of Eternal Love of Dreams as I will not go into too much details on the background of the story and the characters. I sometimes will go back to a previously published chapter to make some changes to make the story better and edit grammatical errors. I'm sorry if this will cause any inconvenience to the readers. There may be some chapters with more mature contents. I will try to flag them at the beginning of the chapter. This is the first book I have written so please bear with me. Having written a few chapters, I've noticed that I'm not an outline writer which means I really don't know where this story will be taking me yet but rest assured, I will be finishing it as another thing I can't stand are unfinished stories. I thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to read this. For those who still cannot get over the love story of Donghua and Xiao Bai, this is for you.
Steps Towards You

Fan Fiction about Donghua x Bai Feng Jiu after TMOPB.All character not belong to me, credit to Tang Qi Gong Xi
Just Because I'm Not An Ordinary Girl

This is a Fanfiction where the story takes place three years after when YeHua finally wakes up from the sacrifice of his life to destroy the Eastern Emperor Bell.Will they finally get to be together or will end up in misery like what Donghua Dijun said to her?锘 锘縏he words that he said to her only keeps replaying in her mind. 锘匡豢"You're the princess of Qingqui, not some common woman, you should understand even I leave some words unsaid."锘匡豢"The romance started in the Mortal Realm and it ends in the Mortal Realm."锘匡豢"Holding onto what shouldn't beholding on would only bring pain to you and others."锘匡豢"No one can live or die with me. I used my life to protect all lives and sacrificed my marriage fate. If I insist on my relationship with you it would surely cause ceaseless wars within the four seas, all shall be in misery. Neither of us will meet a peaceful end. Bai FengJui, you're not any ordinary common girl. You're the future queen of Qingqiu."锘匡豢"Yes, I would have fallen in love with you if I didn't remove my name from the three lives stone." 锘匡豢All original Characters and names belong to the original author Tang Qi Gong Zi

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