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The Traitor's Daughter

When Elizabeth Ledford was ten years old, her father was accused of committing treason against the crown. He was arrested and labeled as a traitor, then promptly executed. Elizabeth was forced to watch her father die, and had to face the wrath of those who framed him. Nine years after her father's death, Elizabeth returns to the court of King Owen, the man who had her father killed, although he knew that he was innocent. She pretends to be the daughter of a woman who taught her what really happened to her father, and convinced her to enact revenge on those who helped to frame her father. Elizabeth embarks on a dark journey, unsure of what to expect, but believing that she'll be able to dispose of all those who wronged her and her family. Along the way, she make unexpected allies, meets old friends, and finds out just how much revenge she can handle without losing her mind.
Dragon's Academy

Dragons are born in twins set, one dominant while the other is submissive. One can't survive without the other, the dominants are sent to military schools, they'll spend most of their life-controlling their Dragon side.While the other half goes to Dragon Academy, they'll learn how to cope with being submissive, they are categorized into littles, pets, or simply submissives. The older dominant would meet them there, teach them how to shift, protect them from all dangers, and finally claim them as theirs forever. Kaiden is a special case, a little who never regressed before, she also never cried, until crossing roads with Adrian, a fiery red dragon. Thank you @TayTay_1996 for the cover!!!This story is DDLG, CGL, Fluff.Apologies for any misspelling or grammar mistakes.
Sad Poems

depressing poems, caused by my life
A Forgotten Hellish Past

Hazbin Hotel inspired story: You are dropped in Hell with no memory of who You were or even what your names is. You work with Charlie and her friends uncover your forgotten past.
Cale De Alger Obelia I ʷᵐᵐᵃᵖ ˣ ᵗᶜᶠ

...In which Cale Henituse (Kim Rok Soo),got transmigrate-"Give me back my slacker life!!!"A-ahem,again as Cale De Alger Obelia,The Son of Claude de Alger Obelia"Haah,I wanna kill that motherf!cking God Of Death"---------------------ғᴜʀᴛʜᴇʀ ɴᴏᴛɪᴄᴇ-sᴡᴇᴀʀɪɴɢ/ᴄᴜssɪɴɢ-BL-ᴄᴏɴғᴜsɪɴɢ sʜɪᴛs
Music Box 2

[yandere serial killers x reader x officer] (please read book 1 first)You are back, and romance is in the air! You suspect that Lucas, the officer that saved your life before, has a crush on you! However, peace doesn't last long when six other people that you wished they had disappeared, come back, and they are not happy at all. Now your friend is missing, and you fear for Lucas his life. If that is not enough, there seems to be a number seven that suddenly, out of nowhere, joined the game....
The Villain Just Wants to be a Salted Fish [Transmigrated]

Ye Zexi transmigrated as the big villain in a danmei novel, who shares the same name as him. Then, he found out that everyone regards him as an imaginary enemy. In this regard, he adheres to only one principle: Don't want to fight, take everything you want. In the boy group's audition show: The team member wanted to take the C [Center] position from Ye Zexi. Ye Zexi took the initiative to withdraw for the sake of being lazy. The team member was complacent and thought that Ye Zexi had stage fright and the team member was determined to win. After the performance, Ye Zexi took first place. Team member: ?The instructor asked everyone about their purpose to join the competition. Other contestants: Dreams, because we love the stage! Ye Zexi: In order to go home and inherit the family property. Other contestants: ???Unexpectedly, not only did Ye Zexi fail to be lazy, he also became more popular. #A refreshing character among the boy group's participants##Bluntly announced his withdrawal, became popular without a debut#-On the last day of the audition show, when Ye Zexi thought he could finally relaxed, a certain three times awarded Film Emperor's Weibo @him, bluntly asked to work with him Ye Zexi: I don't--A certain actor: I owe hundreds of millions of dollars. I have to rely on this movie to turn it over. Only when I work with you, it can sell well. Ye Zexi: ???The movie filming was finally over. A certain actor @Ye Zexi: I have been separated from my mother since I was a child. She likes you very much after seeing this movie. I hope you can come to see her with me. She may consider taking me back. Ye Zexi: ...----One-sentence introduction: The full-level boss returns to the starting point to be a salted fish. Purpose: Those who work hard and humble will be favored by luck, and opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared.
Change of Heart

"You're lying." Zavier spoke so low that even he barely heard his words himself."Huh?" He picked up the volume of his voice this time, "You're lying.""No I'm not." "Okay, so if I was to come this close-" Zavier lifted Isaac's face by his chin and brought his face close to his. "- You would feel nothing." Isaac's nerves began to rise a bit, but maybe it was because of the alcohol that he wasn't terrified, "Yes. Exactly that." He agreed."Even if our lips-" Zaviers lips brushed his, increasing his heart rate rapidly. It didn't last long, but it was enough to send Isaac's mind into a frenzy. "-brushed like this, you wouldn't feel anything."Isaac couldn't trust his voice, so just nodded, being full aware of the fact his cheeks were most definitely glowing red."You lie a lot Isaac." Zavier whispered against his lips and leaned closer, making it look like he was about to close the gap. Isaac's eyes closed, expecting a pair of lips to meet his, but he was instead met with a bit of breeze from Zavier leaning backwards.A story where two boys find they have more in common than they'd like to think.

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Blue Flowers

Ivette lives a regular normal life as a painter in the middle of a pandemic called Blue Virus, where humans become in-humans, and the Blue Flowers kill them to create peace. She meets this hot-Asian guy in a coffee shop she usually frequents at an embarrassing event. Once they start talking and creating a relationship Ivette learns that they both hide a secret that can mean the death of one of them, and she runs from it, but he doesn't let her go... He doesn't want to let her escape.

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Count My Scars ➳ Teen Wolf [book 1]

She's not broken, she's stronger than everDaire Argent isn't like most teenage girls. As the daughter of Kate Argent, she has been raised to hunt werewolves and other supernatural creatures. But she isn't like most hunters either, after every kill Daire cuts into her flesh. One scar for every life she took. Because the werewolves aren't the monsters. She is.Abandoned by her mother who believes her daughter to be broken, Daire moves with her aunt and uncle to Beacon Hills. Where she makes some unlikely friendships and proves once and for all that she isn't broken.Just count her scars{Season 1}Finished and currently editing

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Heroes of Olympus Truth or Dare

This one will be much better, without ruining the greatest ships and stuff. My other one I ruined my one HoO otp so...that wasn't good, but I left it on so you can see the cringe. Anyways new HoO truth or dare with Percy, Annabeth, Nico, Leo, Jason, Piper, Thalia, Hazel, Frank, Reyna, Travis, Katie, Connor, Will and Luke.Art on cover is not mine!

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Some Art and Character Sketchs

So my last art book sucked. A lot. So here's a new one that sucks a little less! I'm pitching to become an animator, so for all you peeps that have a little time, please criticize my work. Throw dirt at it, it wouldn't make me mad it will help me improve and reach my goals! Please comment/vote all of this will help me reach my dreams of being an animator!(Cover by me it was quick and cruddy x'D)

12.7K 198 1.5K
weightless / teen wolf

"I like to come out here when I feel heavy with a conflict in my life" "floating through the water like that, giving up control and letting the waves control where you go, has a way of calming you." "It feels like you're letting the sea take your troubles from you for a little while, like you become a piece of seaweed, floating along without a care in the world. It feels like you're letting out a breath you've been holding inside of you, and opening up the bottle in your soul. It has a way of making you feel... weightless"[Teen Wolf S1]{Book 1 in the Weightless series}cover by the apple of my eye @-noctuaries[COMPLETED]"not that bad" - a reader

543.3K 32 20.3K Full
limbless koishi x hamood habibi

i dont know why im writing this but uh yeah there will be no sex or bad words dont worry 😇😇😇 this was just a joke i made with my friends on discord please dont take this seriouslypls read last part!

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Phoenix Magic 2: Equestria Girls

This story is a sequel to Phoenix MagicNewly crowned Princess Twilight Sparkle's crown is stolen by a mysterious pony. She must venture into an unknown world to retrieve it, while also looking for Princess Celestia's previous student before her, Sunset Shimmer

225 7 7 Full
Dabihawks Week 2021 SFW Edition

Day 1: Vampires/MonstersDay 2: Childhood/Hero SchoolDay 3: Avatar The Last Airbender AU/ Mecha AUDay 4: Amnesia/Break upDay 5: Coffee Shop/BakeryDay 6: Sci-fi AU/Medieval AUDay 7: Happy Ending/ Canon fix-itThe one oneshot that gets the most votes will be turned into a multichapter story!

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The Mysterious Butterfly

"You're just a soul who fixes lonely people!"She smiles."Yeah, I am"------@Ny_Kurta14 THANKS FOR THE COVER OWO------[‼️ Attention ‼️ This is my roleplay book, there will be some anime characters who will appear in the story.]

1.9K 104 101
Beyond Reality

Beyond Reality is a futuristic science fiction novel that delves into the world of virtual reality gaming and its impact on real life. The story follows Arc Ironwill, a skilled gamer, as he tries to become the best player in a popular VRMMORPG while also navigating real-life challenges. The novel explores themes of self-discovery, love, and the blurred lines between reality and virtual worlds. With relatable characters, immersive world-building, and a light-hearted tone, Beyond Reality offers a captivating glimpse into the future of gaming and personal growth.

9 5 9