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Category: Mystery
"Why does everyone around us die?"

the young helpful daughter, of Annalise and Sam Keating, finally gets to attend the very law school her mother works at. it was a dream of hers to follow in her mother's footsteps. though as she goes through these events, events that make her jolt awake at night. she begins to wonder if it would've been different if she never went to that school or if she never even went into law. but with the people she has met she'd never take that back. not even with all the deaths floating around her. she'd just have to find a way to cope.

ocxwes (mainly)

#1 laurel castillo feb.2021
#2 taylor russell feb.2021
#2 viola davis feb.2021
#3 web gibbins feb.2021
#3 bonnie winterbottom feb.2021

started// july 14th 2020

cover by nophotoshop

© honeydixon

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[ WATTYS '18 LONG-LISTED ] ❝ I have slit throats far more beautiful than yours.❞In which a thousand brides have fallen, and she is the last, so she spins a tale as old as time to live the dawn.| an arabian nights x beauty and the beast crossover |(cover by ES Johnson)trailer (video by @AKfiction):
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Beautiful Confession (Vol II) (✔️)

Genre: Romance, Suspence, Humour and Spiritual #1 IN CONTRACTMARRIAGE Fight of a husband for his wife against her past. Will he be able to save her? Zara Hayat Usman is a London's powerful business man Daughter who is 21. she have everything whatever she wish but she is heart broken since her soon to be husband ditched her on her wedding day. She is brave, outspoken , clumsy and colorful. She have bitter Conner for Love and Sacred of even word marriage . She thinks Love doesn't exist in this mean, nasty world until she met him. Vincent Raymond is the famous powerful owner of 'Witty Magazine' at the age of 29. He own the reputation of being boring, speaks very little and rarely smiles. He is Atheism but that is what other think about him brcause he is hiding his own little secret. He live his life with same routine and do everything on time until he hire her as a employer in his company. How they will fell in love despise their huge age difference and religious difference? She is not who he is looking for and he is not either what she wants? PS: This is Zara's story Book II of 'Beautiful Mistake' but can be read as a Standalone novel or as a part of series.Cover Credit| @HornsOfARebelEditor: @Anchor_v
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A story of a young Prince and his Mother with two sisters who have been deprived of their rights by a very heartless woman #MAGAJIYA#.......

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Virgil, the love of Prince Roman's life got banished. Three years later the Light Sides and The Dark Sides go into war. They see each other again and back come the feelings although Virgil pushes him away. Both want peace, both want love. Can't this be happily ever after?Longer blurb-Prince Roman fell in love with a commoner, Virgil Sanders. He knew it was a bad idea but he couldn't help it. When his parents, the King and Queen of the Light Kingdom, found out they banished Virgil, sending him to the Dark Kingdom. When the Lightsides and the Darksides go back into war, Roman and Virgil see each other again after two years. Neither had forgotten and they only want each other back, how can they save both kingdoms and get each other?Patton, Roman's younger brother gets pulled into a plan. One Virgil made up with the help of Janus and Remus, friends he's made on the darkside. Logan being Virgil's cousin is also included in this plan, one Roman has no idea about. One that could end up with all of them dead. How is this going to work and can they all live happily ever after?

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حب تملك❤️.

منبيش نخرب الاحدات ننصحكم اقروها💕.لكـَاتبه: لُوجين💕.روايه ليبيه💕.

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Mabyn was born with dwarfism into an already-harsh life. When she is hospitalized and drops into a coma, her mind imagines a better life for her, which to her is simply a life where she is respected, the dangers presented can be fought, and evil is easier to tell apart from the things which she loves. Her imagination transports her to a world of men, elves, dwarves and hobbits, where she unwittingly joins a company of dwarves on their quest to reclaim their homeland, and she finds people with whom she feels at home. *A lot of the dialogue of Tolkien's original characters is kept, as I don't intend to change the story, merely present a different version of it. There is no copyright infringement intended.**I am predominantly following the book, but have included parts of the movie which I enjoyed and thought would complement the story.***This story is in the process of being converted to an original fiction, and I may accidentally use the wrong name in the posted version (mostly in the Alternate/Sequel), so don't panic, I'm just a dipstick.

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How charming life is for the son and the daughter of the emperor of the Chinese Empire! Everything is available at their service and command. The emperor and the empress of the Chinese Empire love and cherish them so much and take care of all their needs. In the Jasmine City where the Imperial Family lives there are a lot of natural attractions that captivate the eye, bewitch the heart and intrigue the mind. The son and the daughter of the emperor spend their time on various activities such as camping, hunting, picnics, etc.The Imperial Family is now in the lull before the storm. A harrowing ordeal awaits the Imperial Family and it will reverse the rules of the games to a great extent. This ordeal will threaten the very existence of the Imperial Family and circumstances will no longer work in their favor. The options of the Imperial Family are remarkably narrowed and life becomes both gloomy and challenging for them.The son and the daughter of the emperor live a period of frustration, despair and perplexity. Their life conditions change significantly overnight and they experience the pain of negative emotions and a distressing journey. In many situations in life, people are torn between conflicting desires that have merits and demerits. When people are under pressure, they try to use their wisdom and intelligence to choose the best options that maximize their profits and minimize their losses.The son and the daughter of the emperor go through a journey of hard work, patience, perseverance, diligence and sacrifice. The heroic acts of leaders and people beautify the history of a nation and gives it shining glory that is remembered and narrated by people generation after generation.[You are most welcome to download my novel for free in PDF format from my blog at: ].

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