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Sweetness (Aaron Hotchner x OC)

Anastasia Brooke has been a member of the BAU for four years. She loves every single one on the team like family.And they love her equally as much too. However, a certain individual starts to realise that he wants to love Anastasia a little differently.-----------------Aaron Hotchner x OCSeason 4 onwards.I don't own the rights to Criminal Minds. All rights belong to the writers.Mature themes.
shared sweaters and quiet drives [Spencer Reid x Reader]

You and Spencer had been best friends since you were kids, spending all the time you could together. Skipping gym class in highschool, watching movies at the theatre and so much more. It all seems like forever ago, until you meet again and old feelings-and memories resurface.
CANARY CRY [pretty little liars]

Adaline Argent knew Alison DiLaurentis for as long as she lived in Rosewood. The two were as thick as thieves throughout junior high and added more to their group going into high school. A universal power shift occurred and Adaline's life flipped. Bad things fell like dominos and suddenly Adaline was left without her best friend. A year later, she returns to Rosewood after being hospitalized and life throws her another curveball. A has been sent by the devil herself to make Adaline, Aria, Spencer, Emily, and Hanna's lives pure hell. Watch as Adaline puts the puzzle pieces together and solve the mystery surrounding A and Alison. [season one-four][jason dilaurentis x oc- slowburn] @problematiccanary
1 | π–π‡πˆπ“π„ ππŽπˆπ’π„  β­ƒ  Spencer Reid

❝ Some things scratch at the surface while others strike at your soul. ❞ π‚π€π‘πŽπ‹πˆππ„ 𝐋𝐔𝐂𝐀𝐒 𝐇𝐀𝐒 πƒπ„πƒπˆπ‚π€π“π„πƒ her whole life to catching the monsters in this world in hopes of fixing something that is broken inside of her. That is, until she met him and everything began to change. Criminal Minds || seasons 1 - 3© nightclxudsbook one of the DARKER THINGS seriescover by @okaywickersham
The Beach. CB. Under Review

Andrea Smith, or "Andy" as her friends call her is a girl from Nebraska who started watching popular YouTubers Sam and Colby and became infatuated with Urban Exploring. So, she started a YouTube channel of her own. Then one day, she gets an email from Sam and Colby's joint email address agreeing to collaborate with her. Find out what happens next in Big Fan...DISCLAIMER: I wouldn't recommend reading this if you don't watch the traphouse on YouTube, because there's a lot of references and it would be very confusing. The Traphouse Members: Sam Golbach, Colby Brock, Corey Scherer, Aaron Doh, Jake Webber, and Devyn Lundy.
FLAWLESS [Editing]

Alexandria Hastings, Ali's best friend. She's smart calculating and most of all daring. She knows almost everyone's secret and tries to keep them hidden along with her own. But with A around can she?Cover done by the amazing @IrysGwendolyn

Y/N's friends convince her to go out and let loose after a long week at work...although she doesn't want to she agrees to go. She recently left her cheating ex and her friends are confident she will meet someone new who will sweep her away. While at the bar Y/N spots a handsome tall skinny curly head guy and from then on it's her friends mission to get him to notice her....
My Partner Against Crime

I drop my phone on the couch and slide off my shoes. Spencer comes in holding my purse."Where do you want this?" I point to the coffee table, he walks over and gently places it down.I walk over to him, standing closer to him than I would if I was sober."Are you going to be alright if I leave? I don't mind staying if you want me to." I stare in his eyes, keeping me from saying anything.I put my index fingers through his front belt loops and pull him against me."Woah, what're you-" I stand on the tip of my foot, and pull at his collar, lowering his lips.I kiss him, not in any way worrying about the consequences.I smile when he kisses back, and pull him onto the couch. I run my hands through his hair and I lay on my back, pulling him on top of me.

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A Different Virus: Heartfire

In the future, everyone who's bitten by a zombie turns into one... until Diane doesn't. Seven days later, she's facing consequences she never imagined. * * * * * As civilization collapses under a relentless wave of zombies, Diane and her friends take shelter in a military base. However, while she's rescuing another survivor, Diane gets bitten by one of the monsters. She hides it and runs away, knowing she only has days left to live. But she soon discovers she isn't turning into a zombie - she's turning into something else.---------Excerpt:I looked up and stared. My reflection looked back at me in the mirror of the dark room. My eyes were literally glowing, there was no mistaking it. It was not a reflection of light, or any of the other excuses I had used or others had assumed. They were glowing a light sapphire blue color. It was not a bright glow, but it was definitely a glow.Glowing eyes were not normal.Okay, at this point I had to admit it, I was no longer normal.What was I then? For that, I had no answer[[Word count: 500,000-550,000]]

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Friendship for Dummies

"Being reunited with your childhood best friend after eight years apart? Sounds like a heart-warming story. Finding out that said best friend is now a complete jerk who's determined to make your life hell? Not so much."Georgie and Connor were once inseparable. Best friends from birth, they did everything together - well, that was until Connor's dad got a once-in-a-lifetime job opportunity and the family was forced to relocate to New York. At age sixteen, Georgie's life is totally different - her main goal being to keep her head down and escape the brutalities of high school with as little emotional scarring as possible. Balancing school, work and her dwindling social life is enough of a challenge, but it's about to get a bit more complicated when her conceited ex-best friend gets thrown into the mix. Maybe friendship should come with an instruction booklet.

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Ruin The Friendship

"Friends can do this...right?"Hope you Enjoy!-Short Story-

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A short story of Jude Bellingham And Erling Haaland's start of friendship.

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Friendship πŸ’š


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Journey of LOve and Friendship

A MMZ extension....

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A Mute Friendship

A mute boy finds out about the Cybertronian race and befriends Soundwave, who was once also mute and deaf. Soundwave finds out the boy is Techno-Organic, and uses that to upgrade his body. The autobots "rescue" the boy, who is quickly changing due to his sire's faction, slightly torn between the two factions. But then their friendship is discovered...

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Arshi FF Friendship to love


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Friendship Love βœ”

Who understand Friendship like no one else? Who understand Love and a relationship status deep In their hearts?This story tells us about 3 best friends. Their names are; Julia, Jayden and Rose. But we all know that one day friends we no longer be friends. Friends will be your enemies and enemies will be your friends. All this happens when Jayden and his parents leaves to another country to settle in. When the three gets together will that friendship bond still be there. Find out how a simple Friendship turned into Love butWho will fall in love with each other or who will betray each other? Drafted July 2022Published on 22nd October, 2022Completed on 20th December, 2022 Just relax and enjoy the best college series ever. 😊 😘 ❀Cover by @AnnamitaMuscaria

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Friendship of Secrets


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