Calm (Batman x Anxiety! Joker)

Calm (Batman x Anxiety! Joker)

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Joker has been acting really strange. Batman is very eager to find out what is going on. No matter how many times Joker pushes him away, Batman won't give up.

I don't own the characters!!!!

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In the end I just say fuck it and instead of hitting the target, I just waste the bullet. I put the gun down and take the ear muffs off and look at him. "I really suck at this" He smiles while looking at me "with a little practice I'm sure you will get it" I look at his smiling face and for some reason I'm actually glad I wasted those bullets. I shake the thought out of my mind "so what's your wish?" He runs a hand through his hair before speaking "Go on a date with me" I blink at him and for what feels like hours, we both stand there not saying anything. I touch my necklace while still looking at him "I don't even know your name" He sigh "come to my party on Saturday and you'll find out. Also....." he wants to continue but his phone rings and what I hear after he picks up makes my heart drop. Russian. He's speaking Russian. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Yes it's a mafia princess type story but she doesn't forgive πŸ˜‰~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Thank you @Rhealityy_ for the beautiful cover❀️~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Gabriella White is a 14 year old girl who's had to face more tragic events then a 14 year old should. At the age of 12 her mother was brutally murdered in a home evasion, which after closer investigation the police closed the case, so now stuck with her abusive stepfather, John for almost 2 what happens when her stepfather just picks up and leave, and Gabriella learns that she isn't a only child and that her mother has been lying to her, whole life, and that she has 6 older brothers that her mom took her away from them and her father when she was only 3. Join Gabriella on this journey as she deals with 6 older brothers that are hiding somethings from her. And how she deals with the demons of her past.

{(Credit to the original artist!!!)}After repairing Gotham City with a little help from our enemies, strange things start to stir and linger in the minds of our hero and villain characters.Confessing his 'hatred' to The Joker, good ol' Batsy has been questioning himself the most unthinkable, despicable, diabolical thing:Does he have feelings for his "Greatest Enemy?"{ALL EVENTS IN THIS FANFICTION ARE ALL AFTER THE LEGO BATMAN MOVIE. SO SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE MOVIE. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!}

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