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Blossom and Bloom

Graceful and Tender


She couldn't believe her ears, or her eyes. Her husband, the man she loves, the father of her unborn baby, was asking for a divorce.

"Mason," She stammered, but he held his hand up in the air.

"I'll arrange a place for you and our child to stay, I'll send weekly support for the child. Just sign the papers," He urged her and handed her the pen.

She took it hesitantly, hoping that this was only a dream, she prayed to wake up. "I love you," She whispered and signed her name on the allotted space.

And though she would miss him, she knew better than to fight for a man's love. Somehow, he didn't love her anymore. It hurt her heart, but once a man made up his mind, nothing could make him change his mind. She even knew that much.

She placed the pen down and walked to the door. "Goodbye,"

He looked up from the papers and smiled. "Be on your way,"

And with those final words, her heart crumbled into pieces.


Let the story of Vanessa Grace take you on a journey of transformation.


The Clean Reads Collection

Are you looking for a clean read with Christian themes?

This collection has four amazing romantic stories that will make you laugh, smile, sigh, grumble, and smile once again because of the guaranteed happy ending!

Amora Jean
His Serendipity
With Abandon
By Grace


Published: January 14, 2021
Completed: March 10, 2021

100k: June 30, 2021
150k: October 01, 2021
200k: January 7, 2022
250k: April 19, 2022
300k: October 25, 2022
350k: July 1, 2023
400k: December 13, 2023
450k: July 15, 2024

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Keith is having a panic/anxiety attack and Lance is there to comfort him

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Familiar faces; haunting memories. Sophia Morrison returns to Charming to take care of her father and in hopes to leave her old wild life behind in Modesto, California. She learns more and more about the town she was born in and tries to understand the lifestyle of the Sons of Anarchy and the perplexing mystery that is Jackson Teller. I own my own characters. 5/12/21 - [6/12/21- 8/19/21]

106.7K 27 2.1K Full
EPR Company

EPR Company and its powerful waste administration framework are showing off their abilities as a help to the issue of plastic contamination and making a good attempt to diminish the loss from the climate. visit :

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