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Category: Romance
"Why won't you let me in Alexis!" He yelled.

"Because! If I do you might find a way into my broken life...." I cried, "And try to fix it" I whispered defeatedly.

In the world where some still believe in true love, Alexis stands as an exception. Scarred by her past, she considers love to be nothing but a lost cause after enduring the pain of her boyfriend's betrayal. Determined never to allow another man to hurt her, she builds walls around her heart.

However, everything changes when she crosses paths with Will Clements, the devilishly charming quarterback for the Los Angeles Lions. Known for his skills on and off the field, he effortlessly captivates women with his irresistible looks and charisma. But what will happen when he encounters a girl who remains impervious to his charms? A girl who refuses to let him break down her defenses.

As fate would have it, Will becomes determined to win over Alexis, despite her resistance. Their connection sparks a burning desire within him, compelling him to pursue her relentlessly. But will Alexis finally let her guard down and give love another chance?

#8 in feisty
#9 in jaded
#1 in football romance

Started November 6 2021
Ended March 7 2022

*In the process of being edited*

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